All over the map

  01. Czerkinsky: Czerkinsky "Czerkinsky"
  02. Paolo Conte: Via Con Me "Dancing"
  03. RotFront: The Robots "Russen Disko"
  04. Stereo Action Unlimited: Hi-Fi Trumpet (Boyz From Brazil Mix) "Rue Martel"
  05. Il Gran Teatro Amaro: Parco Degli Aranci "Port-Famine"
  06. The Tiger Lillies with Kronos Quartet: Weeping Chandelier "The Gorey End"
  07. Michael Nyman: Angelfish Decay "A Zed and Two Noughts"
  08. Alexkid: Luna (Full Moon Remix) "Astor Piazzolla Remixed"
  09. Beto Villares: Convite Para Vida Remix "City of God Remixed"
  10. Evan Lurie: Tarantella "Selling Water By The Side Of The River"
  11. Gotan Project: Santa Maria (Del Buen Ayre) "La Revancha Del Tango"
  12. Iggy Pop: In The Deathcar "Arizona Dream o.s.t."
  13. Tom Waits: Rain Dogs "Rain Dogs"
  14. John Arnold: Calambre "Astor Piazzolla Remixed"
  15. Chica and the Folder: I'll Come Running "42 Madchen"
  16. 17 Hippies: Galeron "Berlin-Style"
  17. The Ex & Tom Cora: Hidegen Fujnak A Szelek "Scrabbling At The Lock"