Fantastica #17
Oulala Mix 1

  1. LEITMOTIV: Ludwig von 88: "Oulala 2 la mission"
    • album "Houlala 2 La mission"
    • LP, Bondage BR 013 NR 330, France, 198? | not rated
    • info: French Fun-punk à la Toy Dolls, with lots of silly songs, snippets of dialogue, and mystery sounds
  2. Roger et Ses Bruitages: "L' attaque des killer moustiques (stereo MIX)"
    • album "Grands Travaux"
    • CD, Koch Screen 99923 8708 2, USA or Netherlands, 1995 | ++++
    • info: Roger Roger played by the Metropole Orchestra is nice and rather quirky, orchestral production music, somewhat like André Popp (but not at all like Elsa Popping). * In this mix, killer moustiques fly back and forth between your speakers in good old "stereo action" tradition. Nasty mosquitos from BBC's Essential death and horror sound effects 2.
  3. Der Heino an die Kette: "Der Tod verlangsamen (MIX)"
    • album "Fahrtenlieder-Album"
    • Double LP, EMI, Germany | +
    • info: I've never understood what American exoticat's see in Herr Heino. His Schlager music is for Germany what commercial country music is for American conservative middle-age housewives: schmalz. * As for this mix: so you thought Herr Heino has a low barritone voice? Through some simple speed manipulation (played back on 18rpm) he really hits the bottom notes in this horror piece, and sounds like Ivan Rebroff. He's accompanied by a chained ghost... well, by chain sounds from BBC's Essential death and horror sound effects 1.
  4. Vladimir Cosma (et Pierre Henry): "Cassoulet mort (MIX)"
    • soundtrack "L'Aile ou la Cuisse"
    • LP, Vogue LDY.28076, France, 1976 | ++
    • info: Not very interesting French houmpapa-circus music soundtrack, with a couple of good tracks, and lots of mixing material * In this mix, Joyful French circus music is confronted with torture chamber "musique concrète" sounds taken from from Pierre Henry's LP "Messe pour le temps présent" (see below for more on that one)
  5. Jordi Vercauteren: "9th attempt"
    • album "The ultimate guitar experience"
    • cassette, home-recorded, Belgium, 1995 | not rated
    • info: Jordi ended second in the 1995 "Worst Guitar Player Of Flanders" contest with this attempt.
  6. Michel Magné (et Jean-Jacques Perrey): "Angélique: espace futur antérieur (MIX) "
    • soundtrack "Angelique, Marquise des anges "
    • LP, EMI, France | ++
    • info: Michel Magné's score has heavenly though a bit too smooth strings and wordless vocals * Two songs mixed together, resulting in a total that is better than the sum of the parts, that's the idea behind most of the mixes in this episode. Michel Magné's has heavenly strings and wordless vocals, Perrey's electronic "bleeps" and other Moog sounds (from his LP "Dynamoog", see below) add some spacey, suspense and insolite mood.
  7. Jeun musicien maltraitant son violon: "Oulala, mes oreilles!"
    • home-recording "L'école des fans"
    • recorded from TV | not rated
    • info: The French TV show "L'école des fans" is kind of irresponsible, as it shows little kids aged 4 to 6 years who have to perform (butcher) a song or play (abuse) an instrument in front of a huge public, whether or not they like it (the kiddies, that is - the public loves it). Sometimes, a kid luckily loves his or her silly performance, but sometimes it doesn't... if you're ever to visit France, be sure to watch "France 2" Television on Sunday afternoon, where this show is now running for over 20 years.
  8. Pierre Henry (et Vladimir Cosma): "Fièvre Minestrone (MIX)"
    • album "Messe pour le temps présent"
    • LP, Philips 6510 014, France, 1967 | +++++
    • info: Pierre Henry's score to the 1963 Maurice Béjart ballet is groovy Moog instro-rock with mighty electronic outbursts. Side B however is musique concrète, so be prepared! Exists on CD, see details in my "eXotica Releases Overview". * This mix has more circus music from Cosma's "L'aile ou la cuisse" (see above) confronted with Pierre Henry's strange, creaking and squeaking electronic sounds, that are both creepy and funny.
  9. Serge Gainsbourg et Sa Mer: "Sea, sex and sun (MIX)"
    • album "Musique de films"
    • LP, Philips 9101 246, France, 1977 | +++
    • info: Compilation of Film music Serge wrote between 1960 and 1977 * In the mix, Serge whispers his sexy way through disco and the surf (which was taken from the LP "Environments 9").
  10. Wagner's Platoon: "Valkyries ambushed! (MIX)"
    • album "Selections from Wagner Der Ring Des Nibelungen"
    • LP, Westminster, Netherlands | not rated
    • info: War music: Wagner + fragments from the film "Platoon"
  11. Military Band: "Badenweiler Marsch"
    • compil. "Ton Dokumente unseres Jahr Hunderts"
    • 7", Germany | not rated
  12. Das Gerhard Trede Ensemble: "Gefahrenzone 1933 (MIX)"
    • compil. "Electronic Toys"
    • CD/LP, Q.D.K. Media Indigo 0983, Germany, 1996 | ++++
    • info: Seventies electronic music. From silly to groovy. * This mix is a bone-chilling collage of sound documents from the years 1933-1945 (taken from the "Ton Dokumente unseres Jahr Hunderts" above) backed with repetitive electronic music.
  13. Frau Emmerich Kàlmàn: "Intro (speed manipulations)"
    • compil. "Goldene Operette"
    • LP | not rated
    • info: Altering the playback speed of music changes the mood dramatically: from gloomy to silly.
  14. Pierre Henry (et Roger Roger): "Contorsions marche (MIX)"
    • album "Grands Travaux"
    • see above mention of this record for more details.
    • info: Pierre Henry's "musique concrète" sounds accentuate the wriggling acrobaticy of Roger Roger's original tune (from the CD "Grands travaux", see above), going from circus to mystery mood.
  15. The Electronic Message Du Salut Orchestra: "Tu es perdu... moi non plus (MIX)"
    • album "Electric love"
    • LP, LS 86072 | +++
    • info: Not really the best album by The Electronic Concept Orchestra, with all themes about love, that are a bit lame. * About this Mix: You're a sinner! You're lost! Backed by an instrumental "Je t'aime... moi non plus", this French preacher (from the 10inch "Soli deo gloria") gives a sermon, listing sins you've propably never heard of before.
  16. Louis De Funès (et L'Orchestre Majestic): "Héliotropes et voyelles (MIX)"
    • album "Hommage à Louis De Funès"
    • LP, Vogue, France, 1983 | +
    • info: De Funès plays Molière's "Le Maître de Philosophie", about the nature of vowels and consonants, backed by an anonymous French whistler, from a Belgian 78rpm disc.
  17. Die Runxendorfer Blasmusik und Die Remmi-Demmis: "Trink, trink, Brüderlein, trink... aber nicht so schnell! (speed manipulation)"
    • compil. "Feuchtfröhliche Herrenpartie"
    • 7", Germany | not rated
    • info: German drinking song, played back on a drunken record player
  18. Reader's Digest presents: Clara Ebers on speed avec Les Mégaptères: "Das Wal Sternenheer (MIX)"
    • single "Le chant de la baleine"
    • 7", Reader's Digest | not rated
    • info: Reader's Digest documentary about whales and other sea-mammals. * The following five pieces use this docu mixed with all kinds of fitting music: opera, Latin cocktail piano, Moog pop and 70's synth music. This one uses an opera LP played on 70 rpm.
  19. Jean-Jacques Perrey (et Les Joyeux Balaines): "Bossa baleina (MIX)"
    • album "DynaMoog"
    • LP, Crea Sound MON 33, Canada, 197? | +++
    • info: A really nice Moog LP that grows. Three tracks are funny in a tipically Perrey way, others are more ambient. Besides Moog & Moog sequencer, also used are: Ondioline, Ondes maetinot, electric piano, "Eminent" organ, Clavinet, and guitar & drums.
  20. Gerhard Trede (et Les Eléphants de mer): "See-Elefanten Gefahrenzone (MIX)"
    • compil. "Electronic Toys"
    • CD/LP, Q.D.K. Media Indigo 0983, Germany, 1996 | ++++
    • info: Seventies electronic music. From silly to groovy.
  21. Peter Kreuder (et Les Otaries): "Otarie Del Rio (MIX)"
    • compil. "Color in dance 12: Latin favorites"
    • LP, Palette stereo MPB S-3199, Belgium or Netherlands, 1968 | +
    • info: Bad LP with 1 great track by The (Continental) Cousins (used in episode 12)
  22. Lilli Lehmann on speed et Les Dauphins: "Du bist der Delphin (MIX)"
    • album "The magnificence of..."
    • LP | not rated
    • info: More opera played back faster than the cover prescribes.
  23. Louis Van Dyke (en Herbert Distel and Rolf Dircksen und Vogelstimmen): "Eine vogelkundliche Morgenwanderung mit Blackbirds (MIX)"
    • album "Plays lennon - McCartney"
    • LP, CBS 53564, Netherlands, 1974 | not rated
    • info: Beatle songs played on church organ... * with appropriate birds accompaniment (from an LP called "Vogelstimmen" and the compilation LP "Miniatures)
  24. Vladimir Cosma (et Pierre Henry): "Lapin electronique (MIX)"
    • soundtrack "L'Aile ou la Cuisse"
    • see above mention of this record for more details.
    • info: Striking and wild "crime musique concrète"; these two pieces were born for each other! (musique concrète borrowed from Pierre Henry's LP "Messe pour le temps présent" - see above)
  25. Virgile du "Pourquoi Pas?": "L'enterrement de Toone Mastic (intro)"
    • single "Monologues Bruxellois"
    • 7", His Master's Voice EGR 125, Belgium | not rated
    • info: This is how the typical Brussels dialect sounds like
  26. Zarah Leander: "Ich weiss, es wird einmal ein Wunder geschehn (edit)"
    • compil. "Ton Dokumente unseres Jahr Hunderts"
    • 7", Germany | not rated

ratings: +++++outstanding, ++++very good, +++good, ++not bad, +so-so, -yuk