The Incorrect Music Three-Pack
The Incorrect Music Companion 2001

  01. Ann Lever "Crazy"
  02. Bruce Hirdler "Oh Lord (Please Forgive Me Now)"
  03. Margie Pet "I Feel So Good"
  04. O. Henry Intermediate School #70 Stage Band "Vehicle"
  05. Stonehenge "Gloomy Sunday"
  06. Gordon Thomas "Boogie Sunday"
  07. Freddie Martell "The President's Prayer"
  08. Ella Gibson "Because We Care"
  09. Bob Vido "High-Speed"
  10. Dean Milan "Do It Like A Dog"
  11. Roth Jr. HS Stage Band "The Stripper"
  12. Woodstock Al "Communication Breakdown"
  13. Barbara Taggart (A.S.C.A.P.) [sic] "Summer Wonderland"
  14. Kathy Fire "Mother Rage"
  15. Wayne "Deep Bosom Women"
  16. anon. "Mr. Snuggles"
  17. Deep Shag Project "Torn Between Two Lovers"
  18. Jim Naste "I Get A Kick Out Of You"
  19. Mystic Zyphyrs 4 "Youthquake"
  20. Neil Dick "The Future Is Now"
  21. Langley Schools Music Project "Space Oddity"
The Incorrect Music Three-Pack
Incorrect and Proud! - The Incorrect Music Companion 2002

  01. Incorrect Music Theme (remix) - Otis Fodder & Naomi Hall
  02. Big Spender - Denise Rosner of Camp Akiba 1976
  03. Boo-Bah-Bah - Bob Vido
  04. Paranoid - Wildfire
  05. Desperado - Ken DeFeudis
  06. God's Backhand - Richard Craig Hackley
  07. Ring Worm - Van Morrison-The Bang Records Demos
  08. Is It Hot In Here Or Is It Just Me?-Nick deMatteo
  09. The New Low Down - Fletcher Hills School dancers
  10. Don't You Want Me Baby? - Chris Palestis (aka Wizzo)
  11. Suddenly - Charles Steven Page
  12. Strangers In The Night - Paul Ferrara
  13. I Like To - Rockin' With Barbara
  14. Hooters Galore - Bill Boyce
  15. Paul: Sacred Agent Man-Righteous Pop Music
  16. Diary Of An Unborn Child - Li'l Markie
  17. I've Found A Hiding Place - The Singing MacMurrays
  18. I'm Your Woman/Man - Eve Engelbrite
  19. Proud To Be Gay - Girl Joey (Manago)
  20. I Will Survive (Sq. Dance) - Ken Bower
  21. Silicones (WFMU) - The Ray Siliconniff Singers

The Incorrect Music Three-Pack
The Incorrect Music Real Audio Collection

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  Incorrect Music 2000
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  Incorrect Music 2001
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  ic010509.ram   Extension of the May 9 2001 IM show with guest Otis Fodder
  sc010318.ram   Tipsy Live at the Stork Club