Exotica Ring #1

Resubmitted on two CD-Rs in October 2003
1) Jesus Acosta & The Professionals: Sprach Zarathustra (CES 1010;Belize) Let's start in a classical stylee! Where'd this 45 come from? How do I come to have a copy? Sorry - don't remember.

2) Alfredo Antonini and His Orchestra: My Little Mule From "Atmospheres by Antonini" (Coral CRL 57016) Shows that even the most innocuous looking LP can contain pleasant surprises. Whistling by Fred Lowery.

3) Skitch Henderson: Smirnoff Mule From Skitch Plays "The Mule" & Discotheque Selections (Mainstream KP327) Here's another Mule Tune. A Smirnoff promotional LP - features illustrated dance steps by 'Killer Joe' Piro for dancing "The Mule." BTW, a Smirnoff Mule contains: 1 jigger Smirnoff over ice, juice of ?lime, and fill with 7-UP.

4) The Lenni-Len-A-Pe Campers: Worthwhile Occupation From "Songs From The Schunnemunk" (Alma Mater; 1968) One of the great late-60s camp Color War drinking songs! They don't write them like this anymore! Small World Fact: Citizen Kafka was a camp counselor at this same camp (located in Salisbury Mills, NY) the year after this tune was recorded.

5) Kids of PS 63, Queens, NYC: We're Very Good Friends With Canada From "Gosh, What A Wonderful World!" (Folkways 10" FC 7025; 1960) To kids from Queens in 1960, Canada was exotic!

6) Kids of PS 63, Queens, NYC: Transportation

7) Kids of PS 63, Queens, NYC: Communication

8) The Duke of Iron & His Calypso Troubadours: The Bernhard Altmann Song (HB-OW-4780; 45 rpm) A modern Praise song! B/W Boo-Boo, of course. Probably given out at a fashion show.

9) The Utica Club Natural Carbonation Band: The Utica Club Natural Carbonation Beer Drinking Song (UC-500) AKA Sasha Burland. I'd buy a box set collection of SB's stuff, from the Nutty Squirrels to his commercial stuff.

10) Bas Sheva: Zorea Tzedokos From "Soul of a People - Hebraic Chants" (Capitol L8287 10") Demonstrates the Cantorial influence on Bas Sheva's vocalizing.

11) Sam Chalpin: Michelle From "My Father The Pop Singer" (ATCO 33-191; 1966) Also showing a Cantorial influence, as well as the influence of Mrs. Miller, comes retiree Sam Chalpin. His "Batman" may be definitive, but that's for another tape.

12) Willie Restum: Quiet Village From "At The Dream Lounge In Miami Beach" (Gone 5011) One of the more exuberant versions floating around.

13) Milt Raskin: Kapu (Forbidden) From "Kapu (Forbidden) by the Exciting Sounds of Milt Raskin" (Crown CLP 5110) One of Quiet Village's many offspring.

14) Fatausi Brassband: Velo Mai Lau Disco From "Music From Western Samoa from Conch Shell to Disco" (Ethnic Folkways Library FE4270; 1984) In Western Samoa, this is Disco!

15) The Dark Ducks: Donpan-Bushi From "S(w)ing Japanese Folk Songs" (Monitor MFS 458)

16) Kirby Stone Four: Clyde From "Showtime" (Golden Tone 95825) I'll also pay good money for the complete KS4 box set!

17) Rod McKuen: That's Entertainment From "Slide - Easy In?#34; (Discus 7017; 1977)

18) Rod McKuen: Easy In From "Slide - Easy In (Discus 7017; 1977)
1) Modern Method English - Advanced Course: Music From a 3-LP set by the Conversa-Phone Institute, discarded by the Brooklyn Public Library. Suitable for sampling. I love the idea of ESL students listening to this set and wandering around echoing these conversations like little organic samplers!

2) Bill Manville: Saturday Morning From "Saloon Society, feat. Hank Jones, Piano" (Roulette R501;1965?) Manville wrote his Saloon Society column for the early Village Voice. The columns were collected in 1960 by Duell, Sloan & Pearce. On this LP, Manville reads several columns. The LP makes me homesick.

3) Dr. Jack van Impe: Marked For Death - Can America Survive? (1969?) I read about this LP in an old Creem magazine, wrote Dr. Jack for a copy, and he sent me one for free. Boy Howdy! There is nothing like hearing a real preacher reading the White Panther Statement and testifying "Kick out the jams - alllll the jams." Van Impe is still out there! Check his and his wife Rexella(!)'s site at http://www.jvim.com/ . Nowadays he's producing videos, so warm up the VCR before the fires of hell warm you! Another cut suitable for sampling.

4) Guideposts for Youth: Drugs From "14 True Dramas Of Teen-Agers In Crisis" (GP 119; 1969) Shows that at least some teens were listening to Dr. Jack back in 1969. 5) The Charles H. Stern Agency, Inc. Presents: The "In" Sound For The 70's (1970) One side of an LP presenting the commercial musical resumes of: Perry Botkin, Jr., Alan Copeland, Artie Butler, Mark Lindsay, Jimmy Webb, Mel Henke, Jack Fascinato, Joanie Sommers, Ed Ames, Sue Raney. The flip side presented scores of commercial voice talent.