Exotica Ring #3

Resubmitted on two CD-Rs in October 2003
1) CBS Laboratories: Rattle and Buzz Elimination
From "Seven Steps To Better Listening" (CBS STR-101; 1964)

2) Michael Reynolds: Pagan Island/ Industrial Giant/ Pizziola/ Blue Valvet/ Morning Light/ Triumph/ Gladys/ Kiddie Kar
From "Production Music" (Major Records 90)

3) Michael Reynolds: Cosmic Ray/ Ascending Commercial Montage and Finale/ Commercial Opening/ Rambling River/ Dramatic Opening/ Cataclysm/ Stingaroos/ High Adventure/ Industry On Parade
From "Production Music" (Major Records 71)

4) Roger Roger: Heartwound/ Valley Of My Dreams
From "Production Music" (Major Records 55)

5) Attilio Mineo & His Orchestra: Swinging Trees/ Attilio
From "Styled For You By Attilio" (Epic LN3429) Man In Space With Sound wasn't Mineo's only release.

6) 1975-76 Oak Park-River Forest HS Jazz Band: Hey Jude
(Delta DRS 76M 539)

7) George Crater: Jazz On TV
From "Out Of My Head" (Riverside RLP841; 1960)
1) Proper Balancing/ Wunderbar/ Voice Of The City
From "Stereo Spectacular!" (Mayfair 900S)

2) Bernie Knee: The Center Song/ Orthodox, Conservative or Reformed
From "Jewish-American Songs For The Jet Set" (Tikva T701)

3) The Mauri-ora Maoris: Naumai/ Ballad Of Scarface Joe/ What Do The Flowers Think?
From "Air New Zealand's Jet Set" (Hai Tiki HT 1063) The last is an anti-hippie flower power sunshine pop gem.

4) Rexino Mondo: Messenger From Pei Trailer for a 3-hour "audio book."
You can order this fascinating tape from:
Mondo Productions
Box 105
Solvang, California 93463
Call Rex up - he's wacky! Check out the tape's graphics at:

5) Peggy Cass, Paul Ford, Alice Ghostley, etc.: Word Dance Pt. 1
From "A Thurber Carnival" (Columbia CKOS 2024) Music by Don Elliot.

6) Bill Manville: Uptown
From "Saloon Society with Hank Jones, piano" (Roulette R501)

7) Peggy Cass, Paul Ford, Alice Ghostley, etc.: Word Dance Pt. 2

8) Fanny Brice: Whoops, I'm An Indian (1921)
One of the great exotica tunes of last century - listen as the newest of the Old World meets the oldest of the New World 'round 2nd Ave. Hal Willner named his first solo CD after this tune. One of my all-time favorites. I've got a tape of Betty Boop covering this performance somewhere.

9) Aaron Lebedeff: Roumania, Roumania
While we're on 2nd Avenue, let me finish the tape with a tune that's been in my Top 10 since I was 5 years old. Kick it mit Dir Litvisher Komicker!