Lunar Probe
musique concrete outer space library music from europe 1964-1967
Giovanni S          
Jack Diamond C

  01. P. Willshire: Coming of the Saucers
  02. Georges Teperino: Outer Call
  03. P. Wilshire: Old Timey Spaceship Race
  04. R. Hermel: Devastation
  05. P. Wilshire: Eye of Horus
  06. P. Wilshire: Heartbeat
  07. J. Hawksworth: Journey to the Unknown
  08. P. Wilshire: Moonim
  09. F. Bayle: Andromede
  10. Eric Towren: Le styx
  11. Paul Gerard: The Petrified Forest
  12. Georges Teperino: Space Talk
  13. Eric Towren: Cosmos aquatique
  14. Nino Nardini: Les danses les cometes
  15. P. Sciortino: Danger sous rouche
  16. P. Wilshire: Dual of the Dyteks
  17. Georges Teperino: La Hio
  18. Roger Roger: Electronic Laboratory
  19. P. Wilshire: Apprehension
  20. P. Wilshire: The Barbed Wire Waltz
  21. P. Wilshire: Dr. Witch Wot
  22. P. Wilshire: Apollo Adventure
  23. P. Wilshire: Old Dark House
  24. P. Reno: Secrets of the Deep
  25. P. Reno: Margins of the Mind
  26. Paul Gerard: The Big Creep