01. introduction
  02. secret code by lalo schifrin
  03. mccloud by john gregory
  04. runnin' wild by henri rene
  05. the knack by ray martin
  06. the secret arsenal by irving joseph
  07. i'll remember april by the john lasalle quartet
  08. ever little movement/the streets of cairo by mel henke
  09. alla en rancho grande by xavier cugat
  10. the dance of the ayshe by pete rugolo
  11. come back little rocket by pete rugolo
  12. baby elephant walk by lenny dee
  13. the corrupt ones by dusty springfield
  14. toss me a scalpel by leith stevens
  15. fitting the mask by ken thorne
  16. car chase by ken thorne
  17. fallout by ray ellis
  18. attention ladies
  19. lovey kravezit by gene page
  20. the silencers by vicki carr
  21. the floated by shelly manne
  22. the little man theme by pete candoli
  23. sorta blue by frankie capp and his percussion orchestra
  24. the third man by interenational "pop" all-stars
  25. the guns of navarone by al caiola
  26. the pink panther by lenny dee
  27. idiot's delight by ray mckinley & eddie sauter
  28. question by lloyd price
  29. bye bye by jackie and roy
  30. outroduction