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Wish You Were Here  performed by Pink Floyd  1975
Recommended by polyphemus [profile]

A soft-spoken paean to the dear-departed Syd Barrett (drowned in a psychedelic abyss), an acoustic lullaby weaving a dreamscape cocoon, a hymn to self-destruction. Too heart-breakingly beautiful for the living: Play this at my funeral.

from Wish You Were Here (EMI/Capitol)

  24 Mar 04 ·SuzyCreamcheese: Pretty nice song, a little irratating after a while
  04 Oct 05 ·el.oh man.: i agree, this should be played at my funeral please. and no, it doesnt get irratating after a while.
Arnold Layne  performed by Pink Floyd
Recommended by arnold-layne [profile]

One of their first song... one of the best..this a great period lead by the fantastic Syd Barrett.

from single Arnold Layne
available on CD - Relics, Master of Rock, Echoes, etc.

  26 Mar 04 ·SuzyCreamcheese: Great, I want to name a charther in a story in I wrote that nmae!
Tiny Dancer  performed by Elton John  1971
Recommended by cryofthecelt [profile]

The song "Tiny Dancer" by Elton John is one of my favorite songs of all time. Even though I have never been to California, it reminds me of California. When I hear that song, I think of walking down Hollywood Boulevard and staring down at the stars studding the marble floor. I think of sitting in a movie theater with James Dean and Marilyn Monroe and laughing at Charlie Chaplin reels. Elton is an extraordianary pianist and a wonderful singer, and I think that "Tiny Dancer" does him more justice than any other song that he has ever performed. This song just moves me in a very special way, and it will always be close to me.

from Madman Across the Water (Polygram Records)
available on CD - Greatest Hits 1970-2002 (Universal)

  26 Mar 04 ·SuzyCreamcheese: I love this song!

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