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Jaane Jaa Dhundtah Phirrahan  performed by Kishore Kumar & Asha Bhons
Recommended by trebole [profile]

How can a Bollywood song from the sixties be soooooo groovy?

  14 Nov 04 ·olli: heh..thanks. iv'e had this song in my collection for a long time, and only listened to it just now because of your recommendation. love the swirly flute-like thing at 1:32 and the crazy shit going on around 2:58. (what is that, anyway? sounds they've spilled water into their organ or something) i think the details in this song makes it cooler than it ought to be. too bad most bollywood songs seem to go on for far too long.
  16 Nov 04 ·trebole: Hey olli, thanks for your your comment. When I read it, I remembered I had a song somewhere with that same swirly flute you liked so much used massively...And I found it! It's in a compilation called Bollywood Breaks with funky, instrumental versions from Bollywood films remastered with a modern twist. The song is called "cosmic flute" and you can download it for free here: Thanks again
  16 Nov 04 ·olli: exellent! thanks a bunch! love the disco vibes on cosmic flute.
May my heart be cast into stone  performed by Other Voices  1967
Recommended by Ron1967-1970 [profile]

Another one of my faves... grrrrrrrreat orchestration, unbelievably well produced and heavenly
vocals in perfect harmony. A song to bring me on my knees... hoping it won't stop... so sweet, yet goes very crescendo... a definite 'two thumbs up' for this one... This group never made an album. It's one of those typical 'studio groups' who produced a sound that could knock you KO (IF you like the positive sound of the late 60s). It takes a genius to arrange a song like that: 'And may my heart be cast into stone" (immediately followed by two short orchestral outbursts pa-taa pa-taa) "And may the world go deaf when I roar" (pa-taa pa-taa)... One word: d e l i g h t f u l

  16 Nov 04 ·trebole: I was going to recommend this same song and looking for some info on the net I discovered by chance you have already recommended it. Just listening to it makes me feel like clapping my fingers and sing aloud to heaven with my eyes full of tears. Love the background vocals too!
  16 Nov 04 ·trebole: Just wanted to add, the song I have is performed by a girl group called Toys. Is that right?
  24 Dec 05 ·PaulLevinson: Thanks for the good words about our record, Ron. Actually, we weren't a studio group. Here are some details on The Other Voices: The Other Voices consisted of me, Stu Nitekman (who later wrote a book about Scrabble, the board game, under the name Jonathan Hatch - JH also does voice-overs and commercials under that name now), and Ira Margolis. We had previously been a folk-rock group called The New Outlook. We were singing in Central Park in NYC one Sunday afternoon. Ellie Greenwich and Mike Rashkow walked by, liked what they heard, and said they'd like to produce us. They signed us, changed our name to The Other Voices, and landed us a contract with Atlantic Records. May My Heart Be Cast Into Stone was one of three songs we went in and recorded in a NYC studio. The other two were "Hung Up On Love" and "No Olympian Heights". Only "Hung On Love" was written by one of us -- me (and Mikie Harris). "Hung Up On Love" was included on Rhino Handmade's Come to the Sunshine: Soft Pop Nuggets for the WEA Vaults in 2004 (Andrew Sandoval compiled it). I now a professor, author of science fiction and books about the cellphone (I'm currently working on a book about the First Amendment), appear a lot on television, etc - details on my web page: All best wishes and Happy New Year! Paul PS - The Toys also have a version of Cast Into Stone - same song, different recording.

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