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purple haze  performed by Johnny Jones & The King Casuals
Recommended by djfreshmoney [profile]

cool old R&B version of purple haze. The singer doesn't get the lyrics quite right, but there's a lot of soul and horns on this track.

available on CD - Northern Soul Dancefloor Classics 1 (Deep Beats)

  27 May 02 ·delicado: I meant to say to you before: this is utter genius, thanks so much for recommending it!
Journey to the East  performed by Bill Plummer and the Cosmic Brotherhood
Recommended by djfreshmoney [profile]

Totally ridiculous faux-Indian song with very "heavy" spoken lyrics on top. A real trip.

from Bill Plummer and the Cosmic Brotherhood

  21 Jun 02 ·scrubbles: It *is* a trip. This same album has what might be my favorite instrumental version of "The Look of Love" -- a lovely, subtle arrangement with sitars, woodwinds and a groovy solo from a sitar-like stringed instrument. Way out, man.
Ice Cold Lemonade  performed by Death By Chocolate  2000
Recommended by djfreshmoney [profile]

There must be tons of songs that follow this format. I'll call it the 'Tequila' form. Cool instrumental punctuated by someone speaking the name of the song. There are so many songs like this I'd guess that no one could pull off this kind of tune nowadays- without it sounding hopelessly retro. But this tune does it for me. Perfect summer groover. Sound like a bedroom recording, kinda lo-fi.

available on CD - Death By Chocolate

  07 Aug 02 ·ronaldo: really great song. perfect for a 60s-themed party. bet everyone will dance just like the people in the background of pulp's video for 'common people'. it also sounds a lot like the archies' 'sugar sugar'.
C'est Pas De Ma Faute  performed by Brigitte Fontaine
Recommended by djfreshmoney [profile]

Great loungey beat that's dying to be sampled. This is early Brigitte Fontaine and it reminds the folks at Dusty Groove of early Serge Gainsbourg. I agree. Cool upbeat jazzy beat with emotive singing. Wish I spoke French. The only problem with this song is that it's too short.

from 17 Chansons D�cadentes

  02 Feb 04 ·jeanette: Ha! If you think this song is too short, you wanna catch the Vous Et Nous album with Areski: millions of songs, most clocking in under 3 mins, many under 1. And they look like primary school teachers on the cover. Good call; brilliant tune.
These Days  performed by Nico  1967
Recommended by djfreshmoney [profile]

I always thought Nico was kinda ridiculous. But when I saw the Royal Tennenbaums a few months ago and they dropped this tune, I was sold. This whole album is a great mixture of strings and Nico's barren, exact vocals. The soundtrack is great, no doubt, but get "Chelsea Girl" for the full impact.

available on CD - Chelsea Girl

  19 Mar 06 ·b. toklas: No, she was not ridiculous at all. She was rather one of the darkest figures in pop history. I saw her twice in concert before she died in 1988. It was very intense and even disturbing. Lou Reed didn�t like her, but John Cale obviously considered her a true artist and produced several of her albums. In places she has a dark beauty, in others the darkness turns into a frightening abyss. But it�s always innovative and of an high originality. I don�t listen to her music very often, but I feel great respect for her.

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