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Quattro Vestiti  performed by Milva  1962
Recommended by scrubbles [profile]

Answers the question, "What would happen if Ennio Morricone did a dramatic, Flamenco-style pop song?" Milva gives a lusty, compelling performance. Fantastic arrangement - love those castanets!

available on CD - Canto Morricone, Vol. 1: The '60s (Bear Family)

  13 Jul 01 ·delicado: milva also does a compelling 'metti una sera a cena' on volume 3 of the canto morricone series; highly recommended...
The Proper Ornaments  performed by The Free Design  1967
Recommended by scrubbles [profile]

So groovy. Outstanding popcraft from an outstanding group. Love the contrasts between such pretty music and Chris Dedrick's trenchant lyrics. The arrangement - heavy on the trumpets and harpsichords - is exquisite. Fetch me my paisley nehru jacket, Gweniviere.

from Kites Are Fun (Project 3)
available on CD - Raindrops (Siesta)

  21 Sep 01 ·tempted: Kites really are fun!
  31 Jul 04 ·charlesives: Blow your mind (but not completely)!
  02 Aug 04 ·konsu: See!!
  20 Jan 06 ·Delimit: defintely one of their better songs. it's one of those weird songs that every once and a while i need to listen to about 50 times in a row. great lyrics, Free Designs usual amazing vocals and some slick arrangement.
Something Bad on my Mind  performed by Timi Yuro  1968
Recommended by scrubbles [profile]

This gets my vote as a lost classic, one of the best "fake Phil Spector" records ever. The tremendous production is matched by Timi Yuro's booming, soulful voice. Still not sure about the lyrics; we just know that Timi's hurtin', and has something bad on her mind.

from Something Bad on my Mind (Liberty records)
available on CD - Best of Timi Yuro (EMI/Capitol)

  13 Jan 02 ·delicado: yeah, totally dig the production! As for the words, it sounds like a very similar story to that told in Glenda Collins's Something I've got to tell you.
It's 74 in San Francisco  performed by The Hellers  1968
Recommended by scrubbles [profile]

The Hellers were a group of L.A. ad agency people making a pop record, and it shows in this slick opener to their only album. I love the mellow pacing, the otherworldly early synths, and the so-corny-they're-good group vocals. Overall, it comes off like a weird, wonderful hybrid of '60s AM radio promos and mildly psychedelic pop.

from ... Singers...Talkers...Players...Swingers... & Doers (Command)

  05 Feb 02 ·bobbyspacetroup: That is a cool song. Very cool. The song I've really grown to love from this album is "The Mist Of Time." It makes me wish The Hellers had done more stuff outside of advertising music.
Black Is Black  performed by Lord Sitar
Recommended by scrubbles [profile]

An exciting instrumental version of Los Bravos' hit single, done sitar-style. Playing pop music on the sitar must be difficult, since it never was the most melodic of instruments. Lord Sitar is the best I've heard of the psychsploitation musicians that briefly came into vogue around 1967 or so.

  07 Feb 03 ·konsu: The details as to the group on this record are discussed quite often, because it is soo good! Most people believe it's Jim Sullivan, Who did a lot of freakbeat/psych library music during this period. Also check out his "Sitar Beat" LP ,which has great versions of Brighter Shade of Pale & She's Leaving Home!
  13 Feb 05 ·shaka_klaus: i dig this one, but i like the b-side of the single better. it's a version of "have you seen your mother..." by the rolling stones.
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