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I'm A Free Man Now  performed by Faron Young  195?
Recommended by Aquatown [profile]

This song is a "new country" music fan's worst nightmare. This is the kind of song that they are afraid people will think they like when they admit to liking country music. Faron had learned his Hank Williams lessons very well before setting this one down.

from Buck Owens-Ferlin Husky-Faron Young (Hilltop JM-6027)

You Fascinate Me So  performed by Blossom Dearie  195?
Recommended by FlyingDutchman1971 [profile]

A great track by a true american treasure. Blossom Dearie's one-of-a-kind voice is perfectly suited for this song. You can hear the vixen just below the sweet innocent exterior as she demurely praises the object of her affection with a raised eyebrow and knowing look. She knows that she is going to get her way, but decides to throw in a little flattery to ensure that her intended shows no resistence to her plan.
This song is only available on the criminally unavailable album 'My gentleman Friend'. You may occasionally find a copy for sale on Ebay (like I did) or shell out about $35 for a japanese import CD.

from My Gentleman Friend (Verve MGV 2125)

Twisted  performed by Lambert Hendricks & Ross  195?
Recommended by konsu [profile]

One of my favorite vocal jazz sides. Annie Ross tears through this swingin' tune about adolescent madness : " My analyst told me, that I was right out of my head/The way he described it, I would be better dead, than live/ I didn't listen to his jive!..." Really just a corker of a tune! Makes you do the soft-shoe across the room... Their debut LP is full of great stuff, and is available on CD for super cheap!

from "The Hottest New Group In Jazz!" (Columbia CS 8198), available on CD

Waltz for piano in A flat major, Op. 42  performed by Dinu Lupatti  195?
Recommended by Celainn [profile]

available on CD - Chopin: Waltzes, etc. (Angel Records)

flickorna i sm�land  performed by delta rythm boys  195?
Recommended by olli [profile]

apparently the delta rythm boys were quite big in sweden in the late fifties, something wich eventually led to them recording this quirky little song. it's a jazzy take on an old swedish folk song, including the swedish lyrics. however, the vocalists didn't speak the language at the time of the recording, so the result turned out to be remarkably strange. still, it�s a fantastic song, and even if you don't understand swedish (well, most people don't) i think you'll appreciate this. it's pretty tough to come by unless you happen live next to a swedish thrift store, but it�s well worth hunting down. i first heard it on the in-film soundtrack to the film "kitchen stories"(salmer fra kj�kkenet) by bent hamer.
i don�t think there's a soundtrack cd out, but the complete song plays during the end credits, and can easily be ripped. (the film is well worth seeing too, if you can stand subtitles, i recommend ordering it)

  24 Dec 04 ·bloozshooz: This tune was recorded Aug. 1, 1951, according to a Swedish discography found via Google
  24 Dec 04 ·bloozshooz: This tune was recorded Aug. 1, 1951, according to a Swedish discography found via Google
  03 Dec 05 ·mettemaj: has a compilation of Swedish evergreens from concerts in folkparkerna (the public/folk parks) - and Delta Rythm Boys' Flickorna i Sm�land is on it alongside tunes sung by e.g. Lill-Babs, Siw Malmkvist and Cornelis Vreeswijk (Search for "Guldkorn Fr�n Folkparkerna 100 �r" at
  29 May 08 ·Timpsi: Delta Rythm Boys also had a CD in the Finnish "20 suosikkia" ('20 favourites') series, and "Flickorna i Sm�land" can be found on it too. Other interesting songs on the album are a couple of Finnish language songs, and rare English versions of Finnish classics, such as "Rosvo-Roope" ('Raunchy Ropey'), and "Isois�n olkihattu" ('Grandpa's Strawhat'). At the time of recording the CD, the Boys received some Finnish language schooling from a Harmony Sisters member. The CD is most definitely out of print already, but is available at several Finnish public libraries. Some more information at
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