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3 tracks from 1969 have been recommended by jeanette.
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My Heart Took A Licking (But It Kept On Ticking)  performed by Millie Jackson  1969
Recommended by jeanette [profile]

I always assumed I wouldn't like Millie Jackson. Maybe it was that album cover where she's sitting on the toilet that put me off. Or my assumption that all she sang about was doin' the dirty. Or the fact that EVERY SINGLE TIME you go through a funk / soul section in a second hand record shop there are at least three of her albums taking up residence there (must have made me think that no-one else liked her either). Then I found out about this gem.

Her first single from 1969, it's a pretty ruthless thing; driving down the poor sucker who bashed her affection, and coming out the other side. What marks it out from thousands of others with that content is its catchiness and commitment, and accompaniment by a squealing set-up that barks out the emotion of the song.

Really, really brilliant: somehow, more than the sum of its parts.

from the single My Heart Took A Licking (But It Kept On Ticking) (MGM 14050)
available on CD - Super Funk Presents... Funk Soul Sisters (BGP)

Thatís Not Love  performed by Dee Dee Warwick  1969
Recommended by jeanette [profile]

Dionne's lil' sister, in contrast to her sibling's restrained niceties, proves what a gorgeous, wholesome howl she has in a track voluminous with vehemence and the hope of joy hereafter. Warwick travels effortlessly between poles of frustration and hope over the underdone orchestration (a compliment: if the backing was as heartfelt as Dee Dee we'd be wading into Celine Dion territory).

And, in the age of Eamon and his bleep-a-ramas, it's deeply satisfying to hear a word such as "damn" being expressed as if it were the nastiest expletive possible.

from the single Thatís Not Love (Mercury 72927)
available on CD - I Want To Be With You: The Mercury / Blue Rock Sessions (Hip-O)

Darby And Joan  performed by Twinkle  1969
Recommended by jeanette [profile]

It's a situation we can all imagine ourselves in - an ex-partner is getting married, we're invited, we get drunk and embarrassing at the reception. Twinkle, aka posh girl Lynn Ripley (who went to school with Camilla Parker-Bowles!) is a lyrical genius and this unbelievably good little number was relegated to the B-side of her final 60's single, Micky.

This song contains one of my favourite song lyrics ever. Pondering why they split up, Twinkle admits it was because she wouldn't have sex with him until they were married and says "it was a woman that he wanted, not a lady". How great is that? I thought she was going to say "...not a girl" first time I heard it and was taken aback by the simple brilliance of that turnaround.

Plus, well an American friend has nicknamed me Twinkle because I'm her favourite Brit-girl and I can live with that.

from B side to 'Micky' 45 (Instant IN 005)
available on CD - Golden Lights (RPM)

  03 Sep 05 ·skippedparts: Wow. I really want to find this song now. Great recommendation!

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