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Hair  performed by Zen  1969
Composed by G MacDermott/G Ragni/J Rado

Yes it is the title tune from the hit musical, but this Dutch band played it fast and funky. Kind of like Speed Lounge. The single comes from a five CD set which has plenty of other wonderful garage/pop tunes from the 60s.

from Neder Best (Hunter Music HM 1351 - 2)
available on CD - Neder Beat (Hunter Music)

Darlin  performed by Paper Dolls  1968
Composed by Brian Wilson

Brian Wilson given the full-on 60s Brit-Girl treatment. It has wonderfully uplifting brass and some powerful vocals. The Paper Dolls had a couple of decent soulful easy hits in the UK in 1968. The CD is well worth checking out.

from Paper Dolls House (Sequel CMRCD 342), available on CD

Naturally  performed by Allison Gros  196?
Composed by ?

One of the great mysteries of 60s Aussie Psych. This track first appeared on the Datura Dreamtime CD and I have been playing it to death since - yet no one seems to have an inkling as to who the band were. It's really creamy late pop psych complete with Byrdsy guitars, rich harmonies and sitar like sounds. Wonderful chorus too.

from Datura Dreamtime (Boobsalot CD02), available on CD

  25 Dec 02 ·richteratmosphere: Is the Datura Dreamtime CD still in print and available. I'm a big fan of UK psychedelic pop, but haven't heard much Aussie psych.
  06 Sep 04 ·mickster44: The track Naturally was released in Australia in June 1970. Alison Gros were Graham Goble, Russ Johnson & John Mower. The 3 later changed their name to Mississippi & had considerable success with their 1972 self titled L.P. plus 3 singles, Kings Of The World (1972) Early Morning ('73)& Will I ('74) Graham Goble went on to form Little River Band with later members of Mississippi and of course had considerable success in the US during the mid '70's to early '80's. Russ Johnson later played with another popukar Oz band Country Radio.
  01 Jun 08 ·dillonkidvillain: Just thought I'd add a little extra info about "Naturally". It was written by my father Russ Johnson and was released on the South Australian label Gamba. Phil Cuneen produced it and also played sitar on the song. I love the sounds produced on this song, a true Australian gem. My dad wrote this song in 1970, just after arriving from London in late 1969.
Sha La la La Lee  performed by Elmer Hockett  1968
Composed by Lynch/Shuman

It's a cover of the Small Faces classic that's about as far removed from the original as it is possible to be. Instead of replicating the mod-beat pounder, producer Mark Wirtz slows the pace down, blends in all kinds of weird percussion instruments and gooes for broke with a kitchen sink finale. Some Small Faces rate this as bordering on blasphemy, I think it's an easy listening classic

from The Fantastic Story of Mark Wirtz and the Teenage Opera (RPM 503), available on CD

New Song  performed by Judy Mackenzie  1969
Composed by Judy Mackenzie

God-bothereing at its finest. Judy Mackenzie was a late 60s folkie with a Christian perspective who was ushered into the studio in 1969 courtesy of tiny label Key. The album isn't that great, but this uplifting brass-heavy pop tune and the the iredeemably sad strum-along Sally Brown are simply divine. Both can be found on the excellent Resurrcetion CD.

from Judy (Key)
available on CD - Resurrection (Second Coming)

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