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"flowers"  performed by rozz williams & gitane demone  1995

excellent mood. simple music that slowly builds up as the lyrics become more intense.
"this is my favorite sad story,
forget me not or i'll forget myself
i've got quite a few things that i'm afraid of
sometimes i just won't face myself"

available on CD - dream home heartache

  28 Jul 04 ·lauramun: I have just registered and only to say that Flowers is an amazing song.Rozz was amazing...I had forgotten...
"make me smile (come up and see me)"  performed by steve harley & cockney reject  1975

this song is brilliant. lyrics quite catchy and fun and the tune is simply great. a nice combination of a music style you just don't seem to hear anymore with lyrics you could almost laugh at, but don't, because it could happen. simply great.

available on CD - best years of our lives

  17 May 04 ·plasticsun: This is a great song - especially Steve Harley's ridiculously affected vocals!
  07 Nov 05 ·popgoestheculture: I absolutely adore Steve Harley and the Cockney Rebel!, I think the song 'Man it Was Mean' is my favourite.
"no-one can hold a candle to you"  performed by raymonde

immediately catchy--from the intro to the at first lazy, then stronger vocals. the lyrics themselves are quite interesting; could easily be dismissed as a 'nice' song but there certainly is something else in there. all in all, a great little tune. not sure of the year though (early 80s?) so someone might shed some light here.

available on CD - babelogue

"saturdays in silesia"  performed by rational youth  1982

this is an example of why canadian bands are quite good, yet underrated. at least i have never seen rational youth get too much airplay.

i love this song--pure new wave goodness with a twist. it's very well played. simple lyrics and a nice tune.

available on CD - cold war night life

"it hurts (there must be a taste of murder in it)"  performed by the lotus eaters  1984

vocals this high should annoying, but they work for this song. i love the intro, and the lyrics are quite that yearning, melancholic way--actually, the guitar playing and the way lyrics are sung fit this mood quite well.

this band only made two records, this one from the 80s and a more recent one which i have not heard.

available on CD - no sense of sin

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