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Time Out From The World  performed by Goldfrapp  2005

Ethereal, cinematic soundscape, which builds to a predictable, but still thrilling climax.

A friend suggested that it sounds a bit like a classic James Bond theme, and I can see what they mean - it has got those gorgeous Barry-esque strings that come sweeping in at the 3 minute mark that just carry you away, shaken AND stirred!

from Supernature (Mute CDSTUMM250), available on CD

  08 Mar 06 ·eftimihn: Great song, i recommended this track a while back actually, seems we got a similar impression from it...
We Belong Together  performed by Rickie Lee Jones  1981
Composed by Rickie Lee Jones

An American tale with references to Brando, Dean and Natalie Wood, and characters like "Johnny the King". A series of melancholy snapshots of hope set to a jazz inflected soundtrack. Top-notch, both musically and lyrically.

With the companion piece (in my eyes, anyway) "Living It Up" (introducing us to "Eddie", "C***-finger Louie" & "Zero") which directly follows it on the album, it represents the pinnacle of Rickie Lee Jones career.

The rest of the "Pirates" album has its moments, such as the title track, as well as some less successful songs, and is well worth a listen if you get a chance.

I�ve listened to quite a lot of other stuff by Rickie Lee Jones and sadly it seems she has never come close to reaching the heights achieved by these two fine tracks, IMO.

from Pirates (Warner 7599234322), available on CD

England 2 Columbia 0  performed by Kirsty MacColl  2000
Composed by Kirsty MacColl

A superb tale of wronged love and wounded pride performed with a mighty swagger, drenched in latin rhythms and horns, but with that bittersweet humour and English setting that have been hallmark's of Kirsty's whole career.

There are so many songs from Kirsty that I love in so many musical styles, but the "Tropical Brainstorm" album is really the best thing she ever did. She has absorbed the influences from her travels in Latin America, but the album is no pastiche, it is pure MacColl. Whilst occasionally missing its mark, it has so many fine, joyful and wryly funny moments, and, to me, all the signs of an artist entering a new, fiercely creative and joyful stage of her career.

Sadly we will never know where Kirsty's musical journey would have taken her.

from Tropical Brainstorm (V2 VVR1009872), available on CD

Cologne Cerrone Houdini  performed by Goldfrapp  2008

Gorgeous track off Goldfrapp's latest - a lush slice of 60's tinged sexiness, all breathy vocals, soaring pop strings and hints of Serge Gainsbourgh.

A mere pastiche? More than that I think. The track certainly has strong echoes of times past, but there is also something distinctly modern in the mix too.

There is other good stuff on this album, but it took me a few listens to absorb and appreciate it - which is no bad thing.

available on CD - Seventh Tree (EMI)

Starlings  performed by Elbow  2007
Composed by Elbow

Recommended to congratulate them on winning the Mercury prize this year. Irrelevant I know, but you can't help feeling pleased for them - nice guys sometimes win!

This is the opening track from the winning album, and whilst it ticks the "epic" and "melancholy" boxes often associated with Elbow, it is also a startling track, with it's hypnotic, careworn sound punctuated by jagged blasts of brass. Then there's Garvey's bruised but beautiful voice. A cracking start to a cracking album.

Well done lads!

from The Seldom Seen Kid (Polydor B0013F2M52)

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