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They Reminisce Over You (T.R.O.Y.)  performed by Pete Rock and CL Smooth  1992

Pure rhymes and ghetto eloquence: "When I date back I recall the man of the family tree, my right hand, poppa doc I see. Took me from a boy to man so I always had a father when my biological didn't bother..."

from Mecca and the Soul Brother (Elektra), available on CD

  20 Apr 01 ·tinks: i absolutely love this cut, it was one of my favorites back in 11th grade when it came out. good choice!
  31 May 01 ·delicado: and that sampled beat/guitar riff at the beginning is awesome as well - anyone know where that's from?
My Weakness  performed by Moby  1999

Instruments are piano and strings (I think). The music is hypnotic; it overwhelms me with a profound sadness yet simultaneously instills a sense of complete joy and satisfaction. The track is entirely too short, which justifies the execution of Moby for such an act of cruelty.

from Play, available on CD (Virgin)

  28 Jul 03 ·javaviolet: I love this song. Though I could never explain to anyone to what full extent. The music speaks volumes to me, and makes my heart just melt away.
Man's Girl  performed by Digital Underground  1998

If you've never made love to hip hop, this is a good track to try out. It's over 8 minutes long and should serve as a tight backdrop for spittin' your weak game on those bitties. And if you get the album, the very next track, called "April Showers", picks up nicely where "Man's Girl" leaves off. Enjoy, Casanova.

from Who Got the Gravy?, available on CD

The Reflecting God  performed by Marilyn Manson  1996

We all need a little EVIL in our lives. Hey, "evil" is "live" spelled backwards. So when you feel the Prince of Darkness invading your soul, when depravity oozes from your pores, when the sweet smell of brimstone tickles your nose hairs, put on this track and throw yourself into the arms of Beelzebub. Paradise be damned!!

from Antichrist Superstar, available on CD

Dem No Worry We  performed by Super Cat  1991

Arguably one of the best reggae albums of all time, Super Cat's Don Dada is a fun, FUN, "get on de dance flo', mon!" fiasco of bass and high hats. Super Cat's soft and clear voice complements the music where some other rastas and their gritty voice would detract from it. You really can't lose with this album; every track is spectacular and irresistable. If you've never listened to reggae or just could never get into it, you might be able to appreciate Super Cat.

from Don Dada, available on CD

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