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frozen warnings  performed by Nico  1971
Composed by nico

At first appearance, its not the most appealing of combinations, that deep flat voice accompanied by the unforgiving Harmonium alone. And it is quite stark, but at the same time strangely warm and hypnotic.
The song itself has a strong chorus and there are well played hooks. Slow, dark, magnificent. And it strangely is a pop song where the rest of the EP isn't.

from Peel Sessions (Strange Fruit SFPS064)

all the time in sunny beach  performed by Mad Capsule Markets  2002

It doesn't have the electronic elements of some of their songs apart from a DnB drum loop, but it is the only release they have on vinyl. (beautiful 7")
A breathless rush of too fast, too loud guitars, beach boy singing, slaughter and the dogs style riffs and terrible kiddie rock rapping.
Its noisy and fast, but desperatly tuneful.
The B-side "Good Good Girl" is also too fabulous. Catch them live if you can. Too young, too loud, too good. J-Rock!

from Osc Dis (Palm Pictures 38420692), available on CD

  01 May 04 ·ihatethebych: actually i think that song you have there is sunny beach rd.
  05 May 04 ·n-jeff: actually, rd, I think you'll find that song I have there is "all the time in sunny beach". on my cd. and on my lovely snow white 7. now why don't you quit carping and recommend something yourself?
  07 Jun 04 ·pouncyisdead: All the Time in Sunny Beach (noise therapy remix) is one of my personal faves. Great use of traditional Taiko drum as the underpinning for a jangly DnB remix. from the Pulse EP 2001
suspiria  performed by I Goblin  1976
Composed by I Goblin

I don't care much for the rest of the soundtrack, but the title theme for this dario Argento horror film is top rate. Underpinnig the whole thing is a continuous ominous rhythm played on what sounds like a hammered dulcimer, on top of this there doesn't appear to be much actually going on. Apart from the sound effects. Screams, bells. All very, very intense. I have a vinyl version of teh OST (plus a 7 of the theme from Il Giaguaro magazine [quick brag]), but the cd looks good with a couple of extra versions.

from Suspiria (Dagored)
available on CD - suspiria

  29 Oct 03 ·eftimihn: Oh yeah, this is one of the creepiest tracks ever recorded with it's hypnotically repetitive style building up slowly in the first half and then turning into a faster paced prog-rockish second half with a kind of gothic sounding, massive organ and furious synths.
  30 Oct 03 ·n-jeff: I also forgot the chanting. And theres some kind of bassy dijeridoo thing going on in there too.
Agitated  performed by Die Electric Eels  1974

One of the greatest rock songs ever recorded. Loud, distorted, strangely tuneful and tuneless at the same time. An exhilerating rush of pure energy without being remotely fast.

The superior single version also has the mighty Nick Knox on drums. And I don't think is on the cd. But it is on the LP.

from Its a 7 inch single (Rough Trade)
available on CD - The eyeball of hell (scat)

Fly High  performed by Cotton Casino  2004
Composed by Cotton Casino

A solo single from a member of Japanese space rock collective Acid Mothers Temple. For them she plays Synthesiser (a nice old Roland) Cigarettes and Beer. On this she also sings.
Its a strange sounding thing, theres no bass or even much lower mid range. Echo'd synthesiser, a very old sounding drum box, and vocals all occupying the same accoustic space to very psychedelic effect. But yet, very poppy, the vocals stay with you for ages.
Lovely stuff.

from its a single
available on CD - we love cotton (silly boy)

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