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3 tracks arranged by Pink Floyd have been recommended.
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High Hopes  performed by Pink Floyd  1982
Recommended by Vagina Man [profile]

Pink Floyd is very well established so I won't go into how amazing they are, but what I will do is tell you that all the songs you hear on the radio don't compare to this one. Okay I might have jumped the gun, but all this song takes is one time and bang you will find yourself singing it for days. I would just sit have a drink and put this song on repeat. It sooths the soul and quenches the mind. It is so relaxing that I farted while listen to it. In all honesty the first time I heard it it gave me goos bumps it was that powerful. So if you like Floyd and don't know this song, go get it.

from Division Bells

  02 Feb 02 ·Mike: One of the things I am always concerned about when deciding what music to listen to is how much it will tend to make me fart (and then of course there is the issue of the precise type of fart which will tend to result).
  02 Feb 02 ·Mike: Oh, and it's from The Division Bell, released in 1994. I just sold my copy...made me fart too much
Arnold Layne  performed by Pink Floyd
Recommended by arnold-layne [profile]

One of their first song... one of the best..this a great period lead by the fantastic Syd Barrett.

from single Arnold Layne
available on CD - Relics, Master of Rock, Echoes, etc.

  26 Mar 04 ·SuzyCreamcheese: Great, I want to name a charther in a story in I wrote that nmae!
Pigs On The Wing  performed by Pink Floyd  1976
Recommended by arnold-layne [profile]

this a great song . It is in two parts. POTW part 1 is opening the 'Pink Floyd-Animals' album and the second one is closing it...

from Animals
available on CD - animals

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