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Jungle Montuno  performed by Les Baxter  1970
Recommended by delicado [profile]

A really nice gently tropical instrumental with strings and a rock (drums/guitars) backing. I seem to be in a minority in adoring Les's 'Que Mango' album (which apparently was originally sold only in supermarkets at $1.99). I actually listen to this album as much as I listen to his classic exotic jazz LPs from the late 50s. It contains lots of great, shimmering, groovy tracks, such as 'boca chica', and the superb 'tropicando', which you can now hear almost everywhere (via a TV ad, and the aptly named 'Thievery Corporation'). Record geek part: on the vinyl version of this I have, the track 'Jungle Montuno' is shorter and sweeter - it begins one minute into the CD version of the track. I'm just mentioning this because the first minute seems to me to be inferior, and from a different song.

from Que Mango! (Alshire), available on CD (Scamp)

jesus christ superstar  performed by johnny keating  196?
Recommended by shaka_klaus [profile]

never liked musicals, especially not the ones done by andrew lloyd webber. this one though is a whole different story! strange moog sounds mixed with big band jazz.

available on CD - the sound gallery vol 1 (scamp)

  18 Feb 02 ·n-jeff: It actually sounds better on the Sound Gallery Comp than the original Studio 2 LP (if you play the vinyls back to back), The other track lifted from this LP for the Sound Gallery I Feel the Earth Move, is the other stand out track. Along with the beefy Moog Bassline I love the harmonica on JCS, and used to double this up with Grooving with Mr Bloe.
The Lively Ones  performed by Mel Henke  1962
Recommended by jeanette [profile]

The opener to a wonderful album. Picture yourself in whipped cream (and other delights), sipping on a vodka-martini that's just been served to you by a pretty person in a toga. That's how this record feels.

When the first line of a tune is "Man...what a body..." (and it's not R. Kelly or one of his sloppy ilk singing it) you know you're in for an exotica treat.

from La Dolce Henke (Warner Brothers Unknown), available on CD (Scamp)

karma sitar  performed by 101 strings  1969
Recommended by olli [profile]

The standout track on the otherwise pretty dull lp "the exotic sounds of love". The title says it all really, it`s a mighty fine psychsploitation/middle east -style track. Love the swirling strings.

from the exotic sounds of love (astor)
available on CD - astro sounds from beyond the year 2000 (scamp)

International Flight  performed by David Snell  1973
Recommended by eftimihn [profile]

An incredible harp track that lives up to the title, establishing a late 60s/early 70s jet set lounge mood right from the beginning. Backed by a jazzy rhythm section with just bass, drums and some sparse guitar work it's due to Snell's melodic, dreamlike, almost etheral harp playing that makes the track so evocative. I was pleased to see the track was just selected by the Thievery Corporation as an opener on their compilation album "The Outernational Sound", good choice i must say.

from The Sound Gallery Vol. 2, available on CD (Scamp)

  05 Jun 05 ·nighteye: Oh yes this track is awesome, I love the dreamy harp sound. Be sure to bring this track on your next international flight!
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