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Anything At All  performed by Crosby, Stills & Nash  1977
Recommended by G400 Custom [profile]

Could this be the most self-aware song ever written? 'I'm the world's most opinionated man,' sings sweet-voiced David Crosby in a tone of utter resignation. Bear in mind he'd already dealt with fame, failure, bereavement, heroin, booze and yachting by this point. It's a very stripped-down arrangement, with even CSN's trademark harmony kept to a minimum. And Crosby's rueful laugh towards the end is a real killer. Should I die soon, stop by my funeral and you'll hear this song... From a very underrated album, recorded after that toerag Neil Young had come and gone.

from CSN, available on CD (Warner Brothers)

Night Game  performed by Paul Simon  1975
Recommended by G400 Custom [profile]

One of the most mysterious, beautiful, and above all *quiet* songs you'll ever hear. It comes at the end of the first half of the album 'Still Crazy After All These Years' and is nominally about baseball, but don't let that put you off. Worth a listen if you like subtle 70s singer-songwriters like Joni Mitchell or James Taylor, or if (like me) you're a fan of Red House Painters, upon whom Paul Simon's earlier work was a great influence.

from Still Crazy After All These Years, available on CD (Warner Brothers)

Cordeiro De Nanã  performed by João Gilberto  1980
Recommended by delicado [profile]

Just one minute and twenty seconds long, this a perfectly distilled piece of Brazilian pop/mood music. The song consists of a simple, beautiful chord progression, which is repeated over and over. João sings a simple vocal over his guitar, and then some brass and strings come in to join him. The arrangement is stunning: sweeping and beautiful, with a delicate, sparkly sound at the beginning and end. It sounds very like the work of Claus Ogerman (who arranged the tracks on 'Amoroso', which appears on the same CD), but in fact, it's arranged by Johnny Mandel. Although this was recorded in 1980, it has a timeless feel. The entire Amoroso/Brasil CD is quite incredible. It took a few listens to really hit home, but has now become one of my 'desert island discs'.

from Brasil
available on CD - Amoroso/Brasil (Warner Brothers)

  01 Nov 05 ·barry_c: I agree, a beautiful, beautiful tune. You should check out the original version of this tunes, by Os TincoŃs:
  02 Dec 05 ·kfigaro: I really love very much this song with these subtile orchestration of Johnny Mandel me two, and I also know the original version of Os TincoŃs (1977) which is very different and with verses that J.Gilberto don't sing... Thalma de Freitas also sing this dreamy tunes in her album (2004) _______________________
  28 Aug 07 ·delicado: Just listening to this again a few years after my initial recommendation. It really does encapsulate a lot of the mysterious, seductive elements of Brazilian music for me.
Time Jesum Transeuntum Et Non Riverentum  performed by Nick Cave and The Dirty Three  1996
Recommended by Archipelago [profile]

Nick Cave is one of those musicians that cannot be put into any one category in a musical sense. This song is the epitome of that. This song sounds nothing like anything else of his that I have ever listened to, yet it is distinctly Nick Cave the same way that Tom Waits is inimitably Tom Waits, even if he were to be singing "Hit Me Baby One More Time."

First of all, this song is a hidden track. You have to go looking for it. It's actually a "0" track that you have to rewind backwards from song #1 in order to find. Computers will not play this song. Many cd players will not, either. So it's fun to track down...

Then there's the music. The best description of I ever heard of The Dirty Three is that their music "sounds like music that belongs to a spaghetti western directed by David Lynch." The wailing backgroung strings evoke a sense of forlorn longing and desperate wanting, evoking an image of fallen angels reaching towards heaven...

"We were searching for the secrets of the universe
and we rounded up Demons and forced them to tell
us what it all meant.

We tied them to trees and broke them down one by one.
On a scrap of paper it wrote these words,
as we read them the sun broke through the trees.

'Dread the passage of Jesus for he will not return.' "

Look for it. The Curious and eclectic side of you won't be disappointed.

available on CD - Songs in the Key of X (Warner Brothers)

  10 May 03 ·konsu: A brilliant collaboration. One that should be commited to an entire album to say the least. Also look for Dirty 3's "Sharks" EP, which has Nick and the boys doing a great version of "Running Scared" live. I think it's a promo tour release from 98'.
Everything That Touches You  performed by The Association  1968
Recommended by john_l [profile]

This is the sound of ecstasy, the most joyful song to ever hit the charts! Quite unlike the mope-rock of recent decades (although I like the Smiths too). It just rings out, I think because it has a very heavy emphasis on the "dominant" musical tone.

The Association, of course, had several huge hits in the 1966-68 period, like "Cherish", "Windy", and "Never My Love", and the also-wonderful "Along Comes Mary" (their debut), but in my opinion "Everything That Touches You" is definitely their best.

from Greatest Hits, available on CD (Warner Brothers)

  22 May 03 ·konsu: Yes indeed! Birthday is such a great album. I think this one was a minor hit for them, but the rest of this record is just as worthy of exhaltations. Check out the tune "Like Always" as well. Pure genius!!
  24 Jun 03 ·tinks: i heart birthday. but then again, i heart the association. even stop your motor.
  22 Dec 04 ·ronin: Their interweaving vocal harmonies still blow me away, especially on songs such as this one, my personal fave. "Insight Out" was 1st album we ever purchased independent of parents. "Requiem for the Masses" is another powerful harmonic tour de force. Who sings (not yells) like this anymore? Every member of the group (even Brian!) sang.
  14 Apr 05 ·Goes Up To 11: My then-girlfriend (now wife) and I had breakfast with the Association at about 2 am in the Atlanta Hyatt-Regency's coffee shop after a concert at Georgia Tech in 1969 or 1970. Nice guys! Although the Association took a lot of critical heat in the years since, I remember them as extremely professional musicians, able to precisely recreate their complex studio vocal harmonies live in concert. Part of the reason may have been that they were the first band I remember employing a mixing board out in the audience during a concert, something that became standard practice in the industry within a few years afterwards.
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