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Unchanging Window  performed by Broadcast  2000
Recommended by tempted [profile]

Broadcast are the perfect retro-futuristic band. They make space age pop like no one else today. Haunting Moogs, fuzzy, reverb-laden guitars and tight bass and drums. Trish Keenan's voice sounds like an understatement with its simple, effortless tone. For lovers of Morricone, United States Of America and Stereolab.

from Noise Made By People, available on CD (Warp)

Before We Begin  performed by Broadcast  2003
Recommended by tempted [profile]

Peers and close friends of Stereolab, Birmingham's Broadcast are one of the most interesting alternative pop acts in the world. This song is an example of their extraordinary skills in crafting a haunting, beautiful melody to go with a sound that's like a son of the band The United States Of America and Ennio Morricone. These folks took four years building their own studio. Can't blame them a bit as the results are simply stunning.

from Ha Ha Sound, available on CD (Warp)

  18 Aug 03 ·eftimihn: Oh yes, this track is gem, no doubt about that. To me the melody and harmonies incorporated are quite reminiscent of late 60s sunshine pop/soft rock stuff of that era.
  18 Aug 03 ·tempted: You're correct there. They must be fans of people like Curt Boettcher and Margo Guryan, too!
  08 Oct 03 ·tinks: i love this band. they are so very excellent to see live, as well. and they'll be here in about a month! woohoo!
Diesel Raven  performed by Chris Clark  2001
Recommended by sok186 [profile]

Often miscategorized as an Aphex Twin rip-off, it seems that Chris Clark took IDM's last fresh breath with his first album, 'Clarence Park'. This song is one of the examples that demonstrates just how much potential this man has. He's able to juggle rhythms and melodies while constantly tweaking the dynamics of the actual sound waves. Few people play their Electronics like Clark.

from Clarence Park (Warp)
available on CD - yes (WARP)

1969  performed by Boards of Canada  2002
Recommended by FCS [profile]

This is an IDM, very hypnotic. Gets you in trance.

from Geogaddi, available on CD

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