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Good!  performed by Pizzicato Five  1995
Recommended by tinks [profile]

This is my favorite song on what is currently my favorite P5 album. Three-and-a-half minutes of unadulterated Shibuya joy. I'd love to know what Konishi-san's secret to putting songs like this together is, but then I guess it'd spoil the magic. And check the brilliant lyrics! "Have a nice day, the same to you/What time baby? 9 o'clock/Gonna have a good time?/I miss you/How do you think about it?/I don't know!"

from The Sound of Music by Pizzicato Five (Matador 166), available on CD

  24 Apr 01 ·king8egg: this is a great version. it can also be found on the japanese release "great white wonder". the original version of this song is by the plastics.
  14 May 01 ·king8egg: oops. that should say that it can also be found on the japanese release "romantique 96". it isn't on "great white wonder".
contact  performed by brigette bardot
Recommended by daidai [profile]

there is something very modern about this song. it's a timeless tune that was later reworked by godzuki on the album pop romantique. brillant song and my personal bardot favorite.

  29 Apr 01 ·king8egg: pizzicato five do a great version of this song(with kraftwerk samples!) on their album "romantique 96".
  28 May 01 ·daidai: p5's version is great however i think i like godzuki's cover better[just a little] . ^.^
  23 Jun 01 ·Erik: And don't forget John Zorn's brilliant a capella version.
Achaoo cha cha  performed by Grace Chang Ge Lan
Recommended by malanima [profile]

Can you help me? I heard this song in the movie "The hole" and I'd like to listen it in mp3 format or in midi-file.

  09 Aug 01 ·delicado: It seems that this track is sung by Grace Chang Ge Lan, who also sang 'wo yao ni de ai. Unfortunately it doesn't look like there was a soundtrack album for 'The Hole', and information on Grace Chang is very hard to come by. The only pages I could find were this and this. They mention a 'best of' CD, released in 1993 on Hong Kong EMI, which it sounds like something worth getting hold of.
  09 Aug 01 ·Aquatown: This song appears on "The Lengendary Chinese Hits Volume 11" issued by EMI Hong Kong. In North America Grace Chang CDs are quite easy to find in any city's "Chinatown". Of course the ones you find there will most likely be bootlegged copies (at a modest price).
  12 Aug 01 ·king8egg: i believe all her cds have now been deleted. at least the official ones. i'm hoping that comment about bootlegs of hers being easy to find in america's chinatowns is true because then i can finally get my hands on them the next time i'm stateside.
  13 Aug 02 ·Daddy Vegas: If the track on 'The Hole' soundtrack is the one with sneezing then this track comes from the LP 'The Wild Wild Rose' on Pathe Chinese (CPAX 306), which is neither of the two LPs on the Japanese collectors site that is linked below, neither the 10" greensleeved compilation nor the 12" LP. The track is called 'Achoo Cha Cha'. The LP cover shows Grace dancing flemenco style, full of life and looking back over her shoulder. In Hong Kong the record costs anything from 40$ to 100US$ it is very rare even in Hong Kong. My copy of the LP does not give a date, but it was recorded in Hong Kong and printed in India. It was issued by The Gramophone Company Ltd. whose headquarters at the time were in Hayes, Middlesex, England, though presummably they had a branch office somewhere in Hong Kong. There is also a great, great verion of 'Madame Butterly' on the same LP, in Chinese!
  04 Jun 03 ·looonie: i just got her compilation CD (containing 24 tracks)for a mere SGD3.50 at a local street fair. im not sure about how legal it is but it's manufactured by a Taiwanese company called Galaxie Records. it has Achoo Cha Cha, Oh Calypso, Carmen, I want you to be my baby and various other tunes.
  09 Feb 06 ·delicado: just picked up the same CD as looonie (although I paid somewhat more!). This track is indeed remarkable!
wo yao ni de ai  performed by grace chang ge lan  1958
Recommended by king8egg [profile]

this is a cover of a song which i have been told is a song by hendricks, lambert and ross. the original title is "i want you to be my baby" but the translation of the chinese title is "i want your love". this version of the song is sung in both english and chinese. this song was recently used in the tsai ming-liang film "the hole" as well. the song has an infectious rhythm and great lyrics that can even make me sing along. though some passages in both chinese and english are sung way too fast for me to properly sing along. i usually hate to sing, so any song that can make me want to sing along is quite an accomplishment.

from the age of shanghainese pops 1930-1970, available on CD

  16 May 01 ·tinks: you're right, jon hendricks wrote this, but i don't believe he ever recorded it with lambert, hendricks and ross. it was originally recorded by louis jordan in 1952, and lillian briggs had a modest-sized hit with it in 1955. nonetheless, it's a terrific song, and this version sounds very, very interesting.
  04 Aug 01 ·Aquatown: Great to hear I'm not the only one who loves this song. Now that I know the proper English title I searched my record collection for other versions and found one by Ellie Greenwich - but Grace's version is definately the keeper.
  17 Apr 02 ·king8egg: this song has also been recently used in a mcdonald's commercial here in taiwan. now if they'd start re-issuing her stuff again i'd be very happy indeed.
  15 Oct 02 ·tea rose: Love the song too but unfortunately there is limited information about it provided online. Do you know where I can obtain both the Chinese and English lyrics for it? And also an English website on Grace Chang? I am turning into a fan of her songs!
  04 Mar 05 ·jeeter: Tsai ming-liang uses another Grace Chang (Ge Lan) song in his latest film, "Goodbye, Dragon Inn," now out on DVD. I believe the song is called "Chong Feng." It's beautiful, in a quaint, old-fashioned way. Not an up-tempo pop number like wo yao ni de ai--more of a ballroom-y ballad. Anybody know whether this song is available on CD?
  28 Apr 06 ·KiMono-Stereo: The book mentioned above is unfortunatly not available outside china. But I just got two 10" and one CD of Grace Chang. Unfortunately all is written in chinese that I can not read, so I don`t know, what song you are talking about. But there is one funny song, where she sneezes and then sings: "Gesundheit" in German. Very funny stuff :-). Actually I'm a great fan of japanese singer Eri Chiemi, that is a bit similiar stuff...

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