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The Awakening  performed by Pizzicato Five  1995
Recommended by Erik [profile]

Considering the number of songs P5 recorded, they have made very few ballads. It's a shame, because Maki's voice is so beautiful in slow, dramatic songs. 'The Awakening' is the first song on 'Romantique '96' (after a short opening-collage) and it still amazes me because it's such a strange way to start an album. I think it's the most beautiful melody Konishi has ever written.

from Romantique '96 (Triad Nippon Columbia COCA 12889)

  30 Sep 03 ·johannp: The song is on "great white wonder" as well, but sung by a male singer (Konishi or Takanami perhaps?). It's a beautiful song, though not a typical Pizzicato Five tune :)
I  performed by Pizzicato Five  1993
Recommended by Jackamaku [profile]

from Instant Replay
available on CD - Made in USA

The International Pizzicato Five Mansion  performed by Pizzicato Five  1998
Recommended by MMMp [profile]

This song would be better recognized as the instrumental version of "A New Song," available on the LP and cd, where a synthesizer has been added in place of vocals giving the song a whole new sound that is an entirely different type of sophistication.

from Playboy & Playgirl LP (Matador ole 333-1)

  04 Mar 02 ·MMMp: this clip here is from the CD and is the guided tour of Pizzicato FIve "HQ," not the track I'm recommending. Still very cool, though!
  04 Mar 02 ·MMMp: Well, this is the part of the track that uses the track I am recommending. Only on vinyl there is no voice over (but his voice is cool, isn't it?)
Tout Va Bien  performed by Pizzicato Five
Recommended by Tantibaci [profile]

A French title by a Japanese group with an Italian name. Nice. Unfortunately I don't understand Japanese, but you don't need to know the language to enjoy Pizzicato Five's post-modern, jet-set sound. Complete with Apollo 11 countdown and nod to the fab four.

available on CD - Big Hits and Jet Lags 1991-1995 (Triad)

Love's theme (Saint Etienne Mix)  performed by Pizzicato Five  1998
Recommended by delicado [profile]

A great track that comes in two parts. The first is a sweet repetitive pop tune with electronic piano, synthesized strings, pleasant guitar chords, and wordless 'ba ba' vocals. Just before the three minute mark, it begins to mutate gradually, until it turns into a glorious early New Order-style sound, with a piercing, punky guitar sound and a loud bassline. The vocal elements from early in the track then come back in. A great fusion of different styles.

from Happy End Of You (Remix), available on CD (Matador)

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