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Insight  performed by Joy Division  1979
Recommended by Genza [profile]

Prior to Ian Curtis' death and the infamous but less interesting second album Closer, Joy Division released a whole bunch of fantastic songs. Atmosphere, She's Lost Control and Transmission (recently superbly covered by US minimalists Low) are all rightly loved - but the fragile wonder of Insight is almost always forgotten.

The song starts with sound of a lift going down - and the overall feel is lonely, desolate and claustrophobic. Insight stirs the soul and breaks your heart my friend. Mighty powerful stuff.

from Unknown Pleasures (Factory)

  27 Feb 02 ·delicado: It's an incredibly intense and affecting track, one of my favorites, alongside 'disorder' and 'decades'. And 'no love lost', obviously.
Dreams Never End  performed by New Order  1981
Recommended by Genza [profile]

New Order fans always love Technique. So do I. Some prefer Brotherhand, Lowlife - or the substandard Republic. But for me, there's only one Movement.

Slated by critics for sounding like a doomy post Joy Division clone - the album actually benefits from sharp rhythm guitar and sustained synth chords.

Key moment is the awesome Dreams Never End. The song thrashes around like a caged beast. And it's only brought down by bass player Peter Hook's dreary singing - but hey, I can live with that.

from Movement (Factory Fact 50)

  08 Mar 02 ·delicado: This track is utterly spine-tingling. I like the Technique album, but it really doesn't have the intensity of the best early tracks. It's worth noting that this track sounds instrumentally exactly like mid-80s Cure.
  28 Jan 05 ·zazz: erm.....dreams never end is a masterpiece for the very reason that hookies vocals are in stark contrast ....probably my favourite new order/joy division track...probably an accidental classic.
Mercy Seat  performed by Ultra Vivid Scene  1988
Recommended by Genza [profile]

A tinny drum machine, a big slab of discordant fuzz guitar and a droney voice. Fabulous. Making music in your bedroom has never sounded so fabulous.

from Ultra Vivid Scene (4AD CAD809CD)

  09 Mar 02 ·Lenoir: totally ok. The guy behind the scene was Kurt Raskle and I never ever heard again about him...could anyone tell me what became of him? The Mercy Seat is still one of the most exciting mind blowing tunes I've ever known
Tracy  performed by Mogwai  1997
Recommended by Genza [profile]

Like all perfect Mogwai's tracks, Tracy is quiet and then loud. However, the track is particularly spine-tingling. Mogwai use sustained reverb guitar and xylaphone to stunning effect. The taped argument between the band, that is added to the fade out of the song, is also cool.

from Mogwai Young Team (Chemikal Underground CHEM018CD)

  12 Dec 02 ·delicado: I still think 'helicon played at 45 instead of 33' is their best track! Funny - hearing it at the wrong speed and really liking it kind of ruined it for me...
The 3rd Time We Opened the Capsule  performed by Kitchens of Distinction  1989
Recommended by Genza [profile]

A great, great pop song. Just over three minutes of swirling noise and chunky power chords. Now readily available again on 'Capsule', a limited edition best of double CD. Nice one.

from Capsule (One Little Indian TPLP613CDL)

  21 May 03 ·delicado: I had completely forgotten about this. Nice one indeed! O'Leary, eh...
  22 May 03 ·Genza: It's easy to forget about it - but you should listen to how great it still sounds. I was amazed. It's slips down so sweet - like a smooth, velveteen bunny honey. And David O'Leary is a confirmed Kitchens fans apparently. Not sure if he likes Kachloul or Aplay though...
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