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Freak  performed by Days of the New  1997
Recommended by falicon [profile]

The deep and catchy voice kinda cool lyrics...check it out. The beat is a bit more of a dark and repetative type sound, really the vocals in this are what the song is all about. Plan to have them get old really fast though as they do repeat the same thing over and over many times.

from Days of the New, available on CD

Jane of the Waking Universe  performed by Guided by Voices  1997
Recommended by mayers [profile]

from Mag Earwig, available on CD

  27 Jun 01 ·karlmort: i don't know about this. there are 200 gbv songs i like better.
Damage  performed by Yo La Tengo  1997
Recommended by mayers [profile]

from I Can Hear the Heart Beating as One, available on CD

Mundo Civilizado  performed by Arto Lindsay  1997
Recommended by delicado [profile]

A beautiful and really unique track which merges Brazil with electronica (Arto is Brazilian, and a guy called DJ spooky added some beats). It opens with a bare, spacey beat. Fragmented guitar, vocals and organ drift in and out until the song builds into a climax with a simply beautiful synth-string sound. The song manages to be uplifting while retaining a slightly spooky twin-peaks type of feel to it.

from Mundo Civilizado, available on CD

  19 Apr 01 ·secularus: Arto sings in such a sensual and soothing way. His most recent albums are well worth checking out.
  28 Feb 02 ·G400 Custom: Hmmm. I know he's Brazilian and everything, but I think Arto Lindsay's best stuff was done before he went all Latin on us. Listen to his guitar on the first Lounge Lizards album, when he manages to go 40 minutes without playing anything actually recognisable as a note.
Are you the one that I've been waiting for?  performed by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds  1997
Recommended by phil [profile]

Like most of the boatman's call album, this one is very sparse - it's essentially the piano and Nick's voice. The lyrics are Nicks best ever effort though I reckon - it's him trying to decide if someone really is the love of his life: "well we would know, won't we?/ stars would explode in the sky/ But they don't, do they?/ Stars have their moment, and then they die."
It really does repay listening to about a hundred times - very moving.

from The Boatman's Call, available on CD

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