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Noah’s Dove  performed by 10,000 Maniacs  1992
Recommended by genebean [profile]

The sound is just perfect. The piano part has been stuck in my head for years. Its another one of those rainy day songs that kind of make you stop everything you're doing and just sit there and listen.

from Our Time in Eden (Elektra)

Break Fool  performed by Rah Digga  2000
Recommended by jeanette [profile]

The first lady of the Flipmode Squad. Amazing. Her voice is deep and rasping, tough and hard. She doesn't fall into the traps set for so many other female MCs - "looking pretty in the video", to quote another of her songs - or coming across uber-sexed, or singing any bloody ballads.

She rhymes with precision and with more than a dash of humour. Sounds as fresh as it did 4 years ago, and makes me frustrated for that long overdue second album.

from Dirty Harriet (Elektra 7559-62386-2), available on CD

Ship Rolls In  performed by Faster Pussycat  1987
Recommended by understudy constantine [profile]

What a great band they were! Surely one of the very best of the late 80's glam resurgence, and putting on a great live show reprising the Beasty Boys with a song called Babylon! This song brings to mind a pub crawl in Soho... raucous, tuneful, swaggering and knowingly gorgeous... a kind of smash-and-grab version of Don't Rain On My Parade!

from Faster Pussycat (Elektra)

Peace Frog  performed by The Doors
Recommended by Lubi [profile]

From the album Morrison Hotel, Peace Frog is a bouncy toe tapping tune encapsulating funky wah wah with jazzy tones and a hint of country.

What I love about this tune is it's ability to make me get up and dance, head bounce toes tap.

Facinating lyrics, quite contradictory in contrast with the merry, whimsicalness of the music.

"There�s blood in the streets� it�s up to my ankles"

However when your dancing around It has little precedence, the organs and drums take you away and the lyrics are gone.....

from Morrison Hotel (Elektra 7559750072), available on CD

Curbside Prophet  performed by Jason Mraz  2002
Recommended by Squince [profile]

It has very funny/interesting lyrics. It flows very well and is fun to sing along to :)

from Waiting For My Rocket To Come, available on CD

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