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Davy Jones's Locker  performed by Flaming Stars  1995
Recommended by delicado [profile]

A superb instrumental, featuring a nice organ sound and the sublime twangy guitar of Johnny Johnson. I believe Johnny has now left the Flaming Stars (who are led by Max Decharne, once of Gallon Drunk), which is a shame - he is a masterful guitarist. This is a rather dramatic, moody track, opening gently and building up nicely with fast strummed guitars. While I doubt this is deliberate, the overall effect is reminiscent of some of the tracks on Morrissey's guitar-heavy 1992 album 'Your Arsenal'. Anyway, like much of the band's other material, this is a nice hybrid of 50s and 90s styles.

from Hospital, Heaven or Hell EP, available on CD (Vinyl Japan)

In my dreams  performed by The Earls of Suave  1994
Recommended by delicado [profile]

An indescribably brilliant 50s-style rock'n'roll ballad, with vocals by the inimitable Marquis de suave. The musical setting is breathtakingly authentic, and the emotions are raw and powerful, as the vocals screech 'in my dreams...../I dreamed you didn't want me...' It's extremely hammed up and over the top, but quite wonderful all the same. Most of this band went on to form the excellent Flaming Stars.

from the single In my dreams (Vinyl Japan)

  20 Jan 03 ·phil: I was just searching for the earls of suave on the internet, and google returned this entry - and I just had to agree with mr Delicado here. A truly stupendous piece of work that everyone involved should be very proud of - sounds like it was recorded on 10 pints and is all the better for it. I've done a bit of research into this, and as far as I can tell, the Marquis de Suave now works in advertising.
  04 Jun 06 ·headcoat: this song appears in the punk film "Shooting at the Moon" watchable here:
Mary-Ann  performed by Holly Golightly  1995
Recommended by jeanette [profile]

Holly's always been prolific, but never more so than in the mid nineties when this fantastic tune was released. There were usually a couple of her own albums out every year, plus releases with her girl group Thee Headcoatees, and the quality never dropped.

This is a typically brilliant slice of Holly's sound - pop blues riffing with her who-cares vocals. It fixes me within such a groove whenever I hear it.

Random reminicense: One of the best live performances I have seen was Thee Headcoats and Thee Headcoatees on stage in North London at Hallowe'en, treating the crowd to the BEST EVER version of Monster Mash. At that gig I saw Holly milling around the crowd before Thee Headcoatees took to the stage and was struck by her luminescent beauty and remarkable poise. Truly she has everything. She's worthy of heroine status.

After her brief burst of mainstream recognition guesting with the White Stripes, Holly's back in the comfortable indie heartland these days. I really can't think of enough nice things to say about her.

from the single Mary-Ann (Vinyl Japan PAD=26)

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