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2 tracks performed by Francis Lai have been recommended.
Footprints on the Moon  performed by Francis Lai  1973
Recommended by delicado [profile]

An incredibly perfect easy listening piece, this opens with an other-worldly, John-Barry-ish synth sound, and then leads into a groovy, lightly funky piano riff, with shimmering strings. Francis Lai's signature organ sound carries the tune as the song builds into a dramatic orchestral pop masterpiece. A standout track, with superb wistful, lazy, summer day feel, rather like some of the best tracks on the 'Sound Gallery' compilation of a few years ago.

from Plays the compositions of... (UA UA-LA095-F)

  14 Jun 01 ·scrubbles: Yow! That sound snippet alone is so cool.
  26 May 02 ·AndreasNystrom: I finally got the version by Francis Lai, and i think its better then Johnny Harris one. Splendid song!. I love the ending part of it.. cant get that part out of my head :)
  13 Apr 04 ·standish: I'd have to go for the Johnny Harris original over the Francis Lai version. It's colder and spookier with less obtrusive strings. "Movements" is available on CD (great sleeve - his expression suggests a combined photo shoot/visit to his proctologist) - but the mono single version (w/"Lulu's Theme") is all you need.
  02 Nov 05 ·leonthedog: Well, thanks to all of you I had to track down BOTH versions! Amazing what a difference an arrangement makes. I agree with scrubbles: the clip of Lai's version is the most infectious thing around!
Zoom  performed by Francis Lai  1967
Recommended by tinks [profile]

Killer organ-laden soundtrack cut with a wordless vocal provided by a male chorus, and featuring the incessant cackling of a young Candace Bergen.

from Live for Life (United Artists)
available on CD - A Man and a Woman/Live for Life (DRG)

  21 Sep 01 ·tempted: Yes! I've played this in my dj sets several times. Its character and the sense of comedy, not to mention the grooviness, makes it a great "interlude" between some, er, more serious songs.
  24 Sep 01 ·tinks: it's a staple in my dj sets, as well! glad to see that others have picked up on it, also!

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