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What You Want  performed by My Bloody Valentine  1991
Recommended by brightdayler [profile]

I must confess, I don't really get My Bloody Valentine. Their music is a little too hot and sexual for me, a veritable ice queen. Like this's so crowded, with Shields' voice trying to push its way through. But then, at exactly 4.20, the dust settles--the storm clears! All of the steamy static cools down and cleans up, like a hand smearing away condensation on a car window, and it's so beautiful. It sounds like a revelation. Yeah, it sounds like somebody who has been stuck in limbo for about a million years but finally earns their right to go to heaven. It's just great.

from Loveless (Sire/London/Rhino)

Blown a Wish  performed by My Bloody Valentine  1991
Recommended by delicado [profile]

Considering how much I like this track, I'm surpised I didn't recommend it earlier. To me this is the standout from the band's seminal 1991 album 'Loveless'. To MBV fans, this track might seem an obvious one to recommend, but I think it sums up their appeal very well, with its beautiful ambient noises and simple but catchy melody. MBV's trademark use of weird echoey effects on the vocals and guitars is in full effect, and it's quite beautiful.

from Loveless, available on CD (Creation)

  28 Feb 02 ·Genza: Agreed. My Bloody Valentine are a funny band. A lot of their (undoubtedly too short) back catalogue is either over-rated, unlistenable or over-rated. And this is from a confirmed 'fan'. Still, most of the bands I adore wouldn't have turned on the digital delay pedals without Kevin Shields, so I have something to be eternally grateful for. And Blown a Wish remains my closest call with pop perfection. Slightly warped and ill-at-ease, it is an almost unspeakably beautiful track. It still makes me ache in the pit of my stomach when I hear it.
  10 Oct 04 ·sinister: the sonic approximation of a kiss. i don't know. that's what this song gives me. the thrill of a first kiss. every time i hear it.
Moon song  performed by My bloody valentine
Recommended by paris_no_more [profile]

When you are the only one.

What You Want  performed by My Bloody Valentine
Recommended by poly800rock [profile]

The wall of sound covering an amazing pop song is apparent in this gem from My Bloody Valentine.

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