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Vapour Trail  performed by Ride  1991
Recommended by delicado [profile]

However you look at it, this song is simply too good to have not yet been recommended by me on this site. The final track on Ride's 1991 debut, this is simple, formulaic even, but very nicely executed. It opens with the same nice chord sequence that makes up most of the song, played on a solo guitar. Mark Gardner's vocals are wavering and delicate (ok, they're a little out of tune as well), but charming. The drum beat hints at the indie-dance sensibility of the time, and is extremely catchy without being ridiculous.

The real hook of the song for me lies in the harmonies introduced by the string parts which periodically underlay the chords. As the song builds, these string arrangements become more full. The rest of the band fades away and leaves them at the end. I'm surprised at how much I still enjoy this.

from Nowhere (Creation), available on CD

  22 Mar 02 ·shaka_klaus: ye-ye! nice one!
  24 Jun 03 ·andrew76: first you look so strong then you fade away the sunlight blinds my eyes i love you anyway - pure genius - and then one of them joined Oasis. Bugger.
Vapour Trail  performed by Ride
Recommended by sinferno [profile]

Best ride track ever, one of the best wall of sound tracks i have ever heard imo. Make sure you dont get the tresspasser williams remake, its good, but not as good.

Vapour Trail  performed by The Divine Comedy
Recommended by Mike [profile]

Cover of indie shoegazer band Ride's 1992 song. I never knew the original, which this sounds extremely similar to. As ever I am very quick to enjoy the use of labels with which to typecast.

The song evinces what I consider to be a kind of poetic genius. Musically it mirrors the lyric in its absolute simplicity.

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