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smile  performed by The Peddlers  1967
Recommended by klatu [profile]

This is some nice tight supperclub trio jazz! This is the kind of song that you actually WANT to get stuck in your head, it will actually make your day better. I've spent the last year trying to find something by these guys, and thankfully Sony UK put out a two cd set of three albums "plus singles and previously unreleased material." Not the best liner notes, but arranger Keith Mansfield should be a familiar name to KPM/Sound Gallery types. I'm not a sampler, but if you can't do something with the nice, long drum intro, you probably don't have your heart in it, either.

from Freewheelers (CBS)
available on CD - How Cool Is Cool (Sony UK)

  30 Apr 03 ·conan550: Hi Klatu I too remember well the Peddlers.My Favourite track of theirs was "Day in,Day out" an old Sinatra number.Also a track called "City Living" springs to mind.They were, without a doubt ,pretty cool! Regards Mo
  23 Feb 04 ·delicado: Yes, isn't this a winner! When I heard it again the other day I noticed that Pizzicato have very obviously sampled it as the basis of one of their tracks (the one where the girl just says 'Pizz-i-ca-to FIVE' again and again.
smile  performed by cosmic rough riders  2003
Recommended by dexxas [profile]

very laid back quality music.. uplifting just when i given up on pop music and along comes this great band.. great album to close to see to far.

from TO CLOSE TO FAR (MEASURED MR cosmic 01)
available on CD - yes (MEASURED)

  01 Jun 04 ·dexxas: i am new hear Querry! sorry i see you say we can up load a sound bite to this web site. I mean i was wondering, is it legal? Dont we have to have permission or anything?
  02 Jun 04 ·delicado: You can post a short clip, which will count as 'fair use'. An mp3 of around 30 seconds at a bitrate of 64kbps should give people a chance to hear what the fuss is about without offending anyone.

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