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Teardrop  performed by Santo and Johnny  1959
Recommended by delicado [profile]

This is a great twangy pop instrumental, which orginally appeared on the B-side of S & J’s big hit, Sleepwalk. I love Sleepwalk, but in a way I love this even more. It has all the deadly over the top seriousness of a mournful torch song, yet there are no vocals - the emotion is all coming from the steel guitar!

from Santo and Johnny (Canadian American CALP1)
available on CD - The best of Santo and Johnny (Starlight)

Gimme that Wine  performed by Lambert, Hendricks & Ross  1959
Recommended by tinks [profile]

"I can't cut loose without my juice!" Dave, Jon & Annie get their priorities straight.

from The Hottest New Group in Jazz, available on CD (Columbia)

  08 Apr 03 ·singjohn: An LA-based acapella group called "Sixth Wave" has an interesting version of this song. A sample of it can be found here: Love LHR! The Manhattan Transfer borrowed quite a bit from them!
Miserlou  performed by Caterina Valente  1959
Recommended by delicado [profile]

I think this is my favorite version of 'Miserlou'. A really scintillating one, backed by Edmundo Ros's band, with a lot of bongos and an extra little 'Ba Ba Ba' rhythm added in. I believe the US pressing of this superb LP is called 'Fire and Frenzy', but my copy, oddly, is Brazilian, bought in Holland, so I'm entering the title as it was on the record. To me, the album is quite the best thing I have by either Caterina or Edmundo, and I'm quite a Caterina fan, so that's saying something.....

from Com Edmundo Ros (London)

Darn That Dream  performed by Petula Clark  1959
Recommended by FlyingDutchman1971 [profile]

Many people think that Petula Clark first came to the US when the song 'Downtown' topped the charts in 1965. However, she actually came to Los Angeles in 1959 and recorded an album of Jazz songs. Among the many treasures produced during these sessions is 'Darn That Dream'. She sings this great song with all the innocense and charm of a hopeless romantic whose desired love is just out of reach. Her resignation to unrequited affection for her unavailable romeo is interrupted briefly by a soaring interlude from the orchestra. The sweeping melody almost suggests that she is dreaming of being held in "his" arms as they dance across the floor of a dimly lit ballroom. In the end she must come back down to earth and awake to the reality that she will never have the man of her dreams, however she refuses to give up the hope that one day she will get her happy ending. I know I'm rooting for her!!

from This Is Petula Clark! (Sunset/Liberty SUM 5101)
available on CD - Jumble Sale-Rarities & Obscurities / In Hollywood In Other Words (Sequel-198 / Castle Music NEMCD389 (UK))

All The Way  performed by Billie Holiday  1959
Recommended by FlyingDutchman1971 [profile]

This is Billie Holiday at her absolute best, or worst, depending on your point of view. I personally consider it her best. She sings this song with a feeling of absolute devotion and love. With only months to live, Billie Holiday made her final recording for MGM records in March 1959. Years of abuse thru drugs and bad relationships had left both her voice and body only shadows of their former selves. However, what she no longer retained vocally, she more than made up for emotionally. Her battered voice and life experience allowed for the feelings to shine thru in a way that she couldn't have possessed in her younger years and for this reason, I fall into the group that prefers her latter recordings over the earlier ones. I am the happy owner of a 10-cd boxset of her complete recordings for the Verve and MGM labels which includes outtakes and incomplete tracks recorded between 1945 and 1959. It's one of the few things I will grab if I have to evacuate my apartment in an emergency...

from Billie Holiday (MGM E 3764)
available on CD - Billie's Best / the Complete Billie Holiday on Verve 1945-1959 (Verve-Polygram 513943 / 314 513 859-2)

  28 Oct 02 ·scrubbles: This is one of my favorite Billie Holiday songs as well. Her voice is absolutely haunting here.
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