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Chorou, Chorou  performed by João Donato  1973
Recommended by Festy [profile]

It has been argued that Joéo Donato was the first to play a bossa nova rhythm on a recording (playing the accordian on "Eu Quero Um Samba" with Os Namorados), but whilst his contemporaries from the early years of bossa, such as Gilberto and Jobim, were happy to expand on the traditional bossa sound in later years, Donato went a number of steps further. The first track "Chorou, Chorou", from a fabulous album titled "Quem é Quem" is not even the best track off the album, but the opening bars give an idea of what the whole album is about. It's playful in melody, often subtly funky in rhythm and over all, a great album. This particular album also contains my favourite interpretation of "A Rã" by Donato. I'll have to recommend more songs from this album at a later time, because it really is great.

from Quem � Quem (Odeon)
available on CD - Quem é Quem (Odeon/EMI)

  29 Nov 05 ·konsu: He was always revisiting his compositions. He did this one in the mid sixties as well. Also check out the mad versions on his "Bad Donato" LP he did for Blue Thumb in 70', his take on The Frog is amazing.
  30 Nov 05 ·Festy: I recall reading somewhere that "A R�" was his most favourite track that he had written. I haven't heard a bad version of it by him or anyone else. The "Bad Donato" album never grabbed me either, for some reason. Lots of people love it. I think I need to have another listen to it. ;)
  16 Aug 06 ·ambassador: i had the pleasure of interviewing maestro donato a couple summers ago as he was celebrating his 70th birthday. I recently went through the interview again for a forthcoming article about the man and he admitted that "A Bad Donato" was his "noisiest" album. hard to disagree with that and I think that's why some people love it and others are turned off. Sometimes there is just too much going on with it and his later versions of some of these songs are much more refined and better in my opinion. regarding his regularly recording previous songs, he is a HUGE Stan Kenton fan and kenton also recorded his songs dozens of times. my two pennies.
Poor People  performed by Alan Price  1973
Recommended by brightdayler [profile]

I heard this, weirdly enough, at some random film festival in Rotterdam? In a short film, at that! Pretentious! Luckily I remembered to memorize some lyrics so I could search for them when I got back to the USA and my computer. This song is perfect for listening to while strolling an English park, preferably with an umbrella that is subbing as your walking stick (because you're the kind of person who needs one). You're just checking out a park that you've never been to before. If you then come home and eat some yogurt for lunch...I think you know what I'm talking about here: mood.

from O Lucky Man! (Wea International)

Little Willy  performed by The Sweet  1973
Recommended by Jackamaku [profile]

from Sweet

The Air That I Breath  performed by The Hollies  1973
Recommended by texjernigan [profile]

In putting this on here I found that the Hollies didn't write the track, that it was written by Al Hammond and Mike Hazelwood, and then performed by the Hollies.

ford capri II  performed by christian bruhn  1973
Recommended by texjernigan [profile]

This entry and the one before it come from a compilation called pop-shopping - juicy music from german commercials 1960-1975, and I can only imagine seeing these with their original car commmercials. This music is fast, stylish, and vintage.

from pop-shopping - juicy music from german commercials 1960-1975

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