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i believe in miracles  performed by jackson sisters  1973
Recommended by whatever [profile]

this is a funky song. it makes you wanna dance and have fun. great great great song

  10 May 04 ·Issie: Quite a good song i agree
Keep Yourself Alive  performed by Queen  1973
Recommended by Ozmala [profile]

The first song on their first CD, and a great one it is. It's hard to listen to it without feeling happy and � energized. And not in a superficial way, either. It's just so happy, and so powerful, and SO HAPPY. Honestly *happy*, too, not just cheerful. It's wonderful.

from Queen (Hollywood Records)

I believe  performed by jackson sisters  1973
Recommended by psguy1969 [profile]

Oldrer but with an upbeat fun pace. A personel friend of mine is Gennine great singer and performer!!! Love her!!

International Flight  performed by David Snell  1973
Recommended by eftimihn [profile]

An incredible harp track that lives up to the title, establishing a late 60s/early 70s jet set lounge mood right from the beginning. Backed by a jazzy rhythm section with just bass, drums and some sparse guitar work it's due to Snell's melodic, dreamlike, almost etheral harp playing that makes the track so evocative. I was pleased to see the track was just selected by the Thievery Corporation as an opener on their compilation album "The Outernational Sound", good choice i must say.

from The Sound Gallery Vol. 2, available on CD (Scamp)

  05 Jun 05 ·nighteye: Oh yes this track is awesome, I love the dreamy harp sound. Be sure to bring this track on your next international flight!
Girl In A Sportscar  performed by Alan Hawkshaw  1973
Recommended by eftimihn [profile]

This track by british session musician and library composer Alan Hawkshaw is the just the perfect soundtrack to cruise along a coast highway and, as the title suggests, you might want to do this in a sportscar (if available) for maximum enjoyment. Featuring incredibly lush strings and an Alpert-esque trumpet playing the melody it's not unlike "Pacific Coast Highway" by Burt Bacharach in mood and feel.

from The Sound Gallery Vol. 1, available on CD (Scamp)

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