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2 tracks from 1976 have been recommended by n-jeff.
suspiria  performed by I Goblin  1976
Recommended by n-jeff [profile]

I don't care much for the rest of the soundtrack, but the title theme for this dario Argento horror film is top rate. Underpinnig the whole thing is a continuous ominous rhythm played on what sounds like a hammered dulcimer, on top of this there doesn't appear to be much actually going on. Apart from the sound effects. Screams, bells. All very, very intense. I have a vinyl version of teh OST (plus a 7 of the theme from Il Giaguaro magazine [quick brag]), but the cd looks good with a couple of extra versions.

from Suspiria (Dagored)
available on CD - suspiria

  29 Oct 03 ·eftimihn: Oh yeah, this is one of the creepiest tracks ever recorded with it's hypnotically repetitive style building up slowly in the first half and then turning into a faster paced prog-rockish second half with a kind of gothic sounding, massive organ and furious synths.
  30 Oct 03 ·n-jeff: I also forgot the chanting. And theres some kind of bassy dijeridoo thing going on in there too.
final solution  performed by pere ubu  1976
Recommended by n-jeff [profile]

This early single starts off in quite an unpromising way, the sound is quite dry and sparse. Bass and drums, David Thomas muttering teen angst semi audibly in a style that hadn't quite developed into the strange sing song delivery that became his trademark.

"The girls won't touch me cos I got a ". What was that, what?

As it progresses the volume picks up until the final chorus where Thomas is screaming and the guitars start thrashing, then it finishes on a guitar solo that I swear J. Mascis based his entire career on, wah wah squealing on the edge of feedback, while the rest of the band just seem to be lifted into a noisy stratosphere.

I heard for the first time in 10 years last week, and it was breathtaking.

from the single final solution (Rough Trade)

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