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Heaven Knows I’m miserable now  performed by The Smiths  1985
Recommended by delicado [profile]

I love this much-derided song. People quote it as proof that the Smiths made morose music for morose people, but if you actually listen, it’s an amazingly uplifting song. Johnny Marr’s guitar is heavenly sounding; it all reminds me that no one else really made pop like the Smiths. What I've just said really completely fails to do the song justice. Ah well...

from Hatful of Hollow (Rough Trade), available on CD (WEA)

  19 Apr 01 ·schlemmsy: I quite agree. And this is not due to my love of uplifting house.
  01 Sep 02 ·john_l: Yup, this is the one that made me sit up and take notice ...
  09 Aug 04 ·raumfahrer1rolf: I love this song too. How is a person "miserable" when singing or hearing this song? It shows quite a bit of Morrissey here - he's "miserable" but it all sounds sublime, with a wistful tongue-in-cheekness to it. It's really pretty actually. If this is "misery" then please give me more of it, I'll get along quite nicely!
  11 Jan 11 ·daniela_por: This song will never be forgotten. It's simply great :)
The night is still young  performed by Billy Joel  1985
Recommended by falicon [profile]

inspirational, and thought provoking. Makes me want to evaluate life. If I'm going to list main-stream music, I have to get at least on Bill Joel in here right? This is one of my favorites, so here it is. ;)

from Billy Joel Greatest Hits 1978-1985, available on CD

Anything, Anything (I'll Give You)  performed by Dramarama  1985
Recommended by Vagina Man [profile]

Dramarama never hit it as big as they should have but they still managed to stay around for more or less twelve years. Anything, Anything is one of those skater songs that gets you pumped. Not just because the song is great but becaus eyou can relate to it. It was well known mostly for its appearence in the movie Nightmare on Elm Street 4. It is on during the part when the kid is doing karate. The song is excellent and if you grew up in the eighties and took a liking to skateboarding and things of that nature then you can definitely appreciate this. The words as well as the music has a certain type of familiar energy that hits the spot in each of us, that is if you like metal.

from Cinema Verite (Elektra)

Love Vigilantes  performed by New Order  1985
Recommended by delicado [profile]

I heard this track again recently and it had an almost chemical effect on me. Why? It's hard to say. I can't claim to be especially moved by the lyrics, but the song captures a certain mood which makes me want to shake around. The track has a nice balance of instrumentation - New Order trademarks like strong, crisp drums and prominent bass, and a melody played on the melodica.

The other highlight of the song for me is the manically strummed guitar break near the end - a great moment. Maybe it's just nostalgia, but this track still has a lot of power for me.

from Low Life, available on CD

safety net  performed by shop assistants  1985
Recommended by shaka_klaus [profile]

the little sisters of jesus and mary chain? fuzzed guitars, drumming is far far back. a true great pop song.

from the single safety net (53rd and 3rd records agarr 001)

  18 Feb 02 ·n-jeff: I've instantly come over all nostalgic. A true great song. I've just discovered Australia Spiderbait who operate in the same zone, but in a more modern style.
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