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Egyptian Shumba  performed by  The Tammys  (1963)
Composed by Lou Christie / Twyla Herbert
Arranged by Garry Sherman
From: USA
Mood: Sandboarding down the Sphinx
Recommended by jeanette [profile] on Friday 2nd April 2004

A wild ride down the Nile. If anyone ever accuses the girl group sound of being all innocent or only about boys then just shove this riot in their ears.

Resplendent with one of the greatest nonsense refrains in popular music ("shimmy-shimmy-shimmy-shi-mi-mis-pe-dis") and screams aplenty, this track is a winner on every conceivable level. The instrumentation is clearly designed to sound Egyptian, but instead resembles the soundtrack to a campy exploitation flick about girl gangs among the pyramids (or something).

A highly unusual platter, and deservedly enjoying a greater cult reputation as the years go by.

from the single Egyptian Shumba (United Artists UA 678)
available on CD - Egyptian Shumba: The Singles And Rare Recordings (RPM)

Other Versions: Bunny Fuzzy
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  05 Apr 04 ·unathanthium: Yes,most songs that have Egyptian in the title are fabulously stupid.Egyptian Reggae,Walk Like an Egyptian for instance.Egyptian Shumba is better than the pyramids and should outlast them.Also available on Girls Go Zonk.Shimmy,shimmy,shimmy,shy-yi,meece-e-deece according to their sleeve notes.
  07 Apr 04 ·jeanette: That Girls Go Zonk CD is cool, esp. that vocal version of Mission: Impossible. But you know when you have your own version of lyrics in your head and are reluctant to change them? Their sleevenotes are probably accurate but I'll never think of the song that way. An example: until embarrasingly recently I thought the the lyrics to Fame by Irene Cara were "take your pants down, and make it happen". It is of course "passion" and lord only knows what relatives thought of a four-year old me singing those lyrics at the top of my kiddy voice.
  09 Apr 04 ·unathanthium: Are you sure you misheard the lyrics of Fame?Your version makes more sense to me.

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