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La Rue  performed by Damia  1936
Composed by Gosselin/Fallot

1930s France is one of my favorite times/places for great popular music making. If you are like minded then you won't want to miss this recording. A gorgeous melody that will have you singing along even if you don't understand a word.

from Damia (MM 880292), available on CD

Minas De Cobre (extended mix)  performed by Calexico  1998
Composed by Joey Burns

An Ennio Morricone/flamenco/mariachi combination perhaps? I'm afraid I'm unable to adequately describe the majesty of this recording. It was included in the CD that accompanied the July 1999 issue of Uncut magazine and is also available on the "The Ride (pt 2)" single. Even if you have the shorter version on The Black Light, you'll want to hear this.

from Unconditionally Guaranteed 6 (Uncut UG-713)

Nie Zadziera Nosa  performed by Czerwone Gitary  1966
Composed by Krajewski/Gaszynski

Rummaging through used music stores had been a long time hobby. You never know what you'll stumble across. I picked up this Czerwone Gitary 25 track CD in Winnipeg for just 2 Canadian dollars. It's a little spotty in parts (especially in the 70s recordings) but it has plenty of fine beat group sounds from the 60s as well. This track finds them sounding most Liverpudlian with plenty of "sha-la-la"s thrown in for good measure.

available on CD - The Best Of Czerwone Gitary (Polskie Nagrania)

  16 Jan 03 ·Malgorzata: What you can know about Poland, huh? About Polish music, movies, traditions? I'm from Poland, I was born there and I'm proud. So, I think tahat maybe you should check what you are putting on website.
  03 Oct 06 ·Monapp: Gośka ale on nie napisał nic specjalnie obrażającego.
No Time To Cry  performed by Iris Dement  1994
Composed by Iris Dement

Time to get our your hankies. There aren't too many singers who can make you believe every word they sing but Iris is one of those few. And when she's sings a song this sad, you'll be wiping away the tears long before the 6:49 passes by.

available on CD - My Life (Warner Bros.)

This Moment  performed by Incredible String Band  1970
Composed by Mike Heron

As any other hippie leaning lad would, I dabbled in the sound of The Incredible String Band in the late 60s. However, I don't remember anything sounding quite this good. "Charming" would be the key word here as the voices intertwine with big a dollop of moaning added for extra atmosphere. "This moment... is different... from any before it".

from I Looked Up (Elektra EKS 7401)
available on CD - The Hannibal Sampler (Rykodisc)

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