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crystal lullaby  performed by Carpenters  1972
Composed by Richard Carpenter/John Bettis

When my sister and I were small, this album was the one we listened to most commonly for naps, after a lunch of something like chili, fritos and "green" kool aid. It's the most solid album the Carpenters ever did by some distance, and Richard actually wrote two of the best songs, "goodbye to love" and this one. It blends well into the follow-up, "road ode". Other standouts include the title track by Leon Russell, "it's going to take some time" by Carole King, and "i won't last a day without you", another golden Carpenters interpretation of Roger Nichols/Paul Williams. I would love to hear this song performed by Astronaut Wife. See "konsu" for that link...

from A Song For You (A&M 82839 3511 2), available on CD

wall street village day  performed by The Four Seasons  1969
Composed by J. Holmes/B. Gaudio

Yes, FRANKIE VALLI and the four seasons. You may be incredulous after listening to the album, as it's the concept excursion that derailed their singles chart streak. It has a nice lurching pop quality. I would put this album on a par with "Odessey and Oracle" and "S.F. Sorrow", but wouldn't that be silly? I think it was on a Rhino CD that's probably long deleted, but if you can find the vinyl with the newsprint insert intact, it makes for some funny reading...

from Genuine Imitation Life Gazette

  18 Jan 05 ·mabcms: Thought I was the only person in the world who knew this album (and this cut). It's an incredible musical and creative adventure. Nothing at all like the other 4 Seasons material.
maita  performed by Doris Monteiro  1976
Composed by Giovana

A very nice uptempo Brazilian number so much of the same cloth as Elis Regina's "zazueira" and "bicho de matto" that I was surprised that Jorge Ben didn't write it. The album as a whole is definitely one that grows on you with each listen, but this track will hit you the first time out.

from Agora, available on CD

  04 Feb 03 ·eftimihn: Wow, just wanted to recommend this one myself realizing i'm just a couple of days too late. Anyway, this is a great track indeed just like "Dia De Feira", also from "Agora"...
previsao do tempo  performed by Marcos Valle  1973
Composed by Marcos Valle/Paulo Sergio Valle

I arbitrarily chose the title track, as this is a very flowing album that needs to be listened to in one piece. Very experimental use of Brazilian sounds. It seems like Garra is the popular Valle of the period, but I give the edge on this one and Vento Sul. His other masterpiece is "Samba '68", with the best of his early compositions arranged and produced into their perfect forms by Deodato.

from Previsao Do Tempo, available on CD

sweets for my sweet  performed by The Carnival  1969
Composed by Pomus/Shuman

Another Brazil '66 knockoff band, maybe not as solid as the Mendes-endorsed Bossa Rio, but they did do a nice version of the Roger Nichols track "love so fine". More importantly, they did this, a cover of one of the Drifter's less memorable hits, done over with a very punchy, immediate arrangement. More aggressive than most of Sergio's stuff. Nice Peanuts, Guaraldi/Schroeder style piano intro! Recorded in L.A. with a few studio guns on board. (added later) Maybe I have velveeta pumping through my heart, but I do enjoy this whole album, even the pretty bad version of turn, turn, turn.

from The Carnival, available on CD


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