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"she's everywhere"  performed by strangelove

slightly haunting, not just the intro but the lyrics as well. the singer's voice is just right for this track and the music is fitting.

"pretty girls make graves"  performed by the smiths  1984

quite ironic, the rhyming pattern makes the lyrics sound light and amusing. it really is a clever song, and lyrics and music come together quite nicely.

available on CD - the smiths

"breakdown"  performed by suede  1993
Composed by anderson/butler

very simply put, this song is interesting. it can almost be split in two, the monotone first part and the almost screeching end. the whole song conveys hopelessness (or is it helplessness) in a very precise way.
the obligatory references to the city are here as well as an interesting verse, 'you can only go so far for womankind' which always reminded me of 'i've lost my faith in womanhood'--a bit in the smiths' "pretty girls make graves".

available on CD - suede (nude)

"feels like heaven"  performed by fiction factory  1984

great song. uplifting and catchy. the intro itself is sheer new wave goodness. makes you happy, makes you dance. one perfect 80s tune.

available on CD - throw the warped wheel out

  09 May 04 ·Mike: Nice to see this one here - great piece of 80s Scottish pop. It was recently re-used with comically altered lyrics in a UK tv advert.
"estoril à noite"  performed by the durutti column
Composed by vini reilly

this is excellent. i've never been a fan of purely instrumental tracks, but this is just too perfect. sets a great mood. almost makes you feel as if you were alone on the beach at night. melancholic, sad, almost cold. the music has a brittle, yet lingering quality which is hard to achieve and yet it is here. so, so good.

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