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Nao Tem Nada Nao  performed by Marcos Valle  1973
Composed by Valle,Donato,Deodato

WOW! 3 fat composers ( Marcos Valle, Joao Donato & Deodato) join forces for one groovy track. Awesome keyboard work from Bertrami of Azymuth. Mesmerizing,sexy and funky.

from Previsao Do Tempo, available on CD (Odeon)

  30 Jul 04 ·n-jeff: Very pleased to say I saw Marcos Valle perform this last night. Thats a great set of names to drop "Heres a song I wrote with Eumir Deodato and Jao Donato". Very cool. And a very good song, he handled the keys himself live.
And thanks to everyone whos namedropped Valle on musical taste, as I otherwise would have missed out on a great gig!

  15 Jul 06 ·ambassador: this track was a reworking of Donato's tune "Batuque" from his album with Deodato, called "Joao Donato" or Donato/Deodato on the original LP. Basically, Marcos Valle liked the song and decided to add lyrics. Funnily, the way that Donato/Deodato was recorded each of these famous composers added their parts seperately starting with Donato's keyboards, then Deodato's arrangement and then marcos took that and reworked it with lyrics and azimuth as his backup band. one of my all-time favorite tracks.
Esperanca  performed by Trio Mocoto  1971
Composed by Jorge Ben/Yara Rossi

Ben is one swingin' cat. Mocoto rock his Composition. Infectious piano & tamborine!

Very Perfect LP. Outstanding performing, nicely recorded, nicely paced. And a fine list of composers. Tim Maia, Antonio Carlos & Jocafi, Erasmo Carlos/Roberto Carlos & Jorge Ben.

from Muita Zorra!, available on CD (Forma)

Sabia, Diga La  performed by Jaime & Nair  1974
Composed by Jaime Alem

Bizarre Cut. What's This "Country Funk"? Strange little record. Beautiful Production. Both have very nice voices. And love the 12 string Guitar. Flows Nicely.

from Jaime & Nair, available on CD (cid)

Listen To Me  performed by Luiz Henrique w / Sivuca  1967
Composed by Luiz Henrique

Very nice lyric & Henrique has a fine voice & nice guitar style. But the real standout is Sivuca on accordian & scat vocal on this song & the whole album. One of my favorite jazz scat records. The other being Guilherme Vergueiro's "Naturalmente" lp from 1978.

from Barra Limpa, available on CD (Verve)

Satan  performed by Jon Lucien  1973
Composed by Jon Lucien

Another fine "Scat" vocal track & there are others on this powerful record. All songs are by Jon Lucien. Outstanding voice & lyrics plus strong arranging & conducing by Lucien and Dave Grusin. SoulJazz at its best!

from Rashida, available on CD (RCA)

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