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Heaven Must Be Like This  performed by Ohio Players  1974
Composed by Ohio Players

Seven minutes of soul bliss. Loverboys the Players are. Amazing vocals. Great piano work.

Sweet guitar riffing. Nice Flutelines. The title doesn't lie.

from "Skin Tight", available on CD (mercury)

Ego Tripping At The Gates Of Hell  performed by The Flaming Lips  2002
Composed by The Flaming Lips

Funky Rock. Nice Title! Sweet Lyrics. And i love the Beach Boys break. Move over George Martin!
Is this the best concept album since "Dark Side Of The Moon / Wish You Were Here". Or Maybe even "�Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band/�Magical Mystery Tour"? Very Trippy Rock! Nice electronics. How do you sound like Neal Young, Bread, America, Pink Floyd, Moody Blues, David Bowie, Beach Boys and the Beatles all at once? You can hear the full album through the thier site:
Super Generous & Super Talented. One of the most beautifully produced albums ever!
POP HEAVEN! "Light Side of the Moon" for the new millennia.

from Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots, available on CD (warner bros.)

Amelia  performed by Joni Mitchell  1976
Composed by Joni Mitchell

Joni Joni Joni. Great poetess of the north! A wonderful merging of folk & jazz here. Some of the most beautiful poetry by this already prolific artist. Also a standout on this record is the bass playing of Mr. Jaco Pastorius. From the poet who said "we are stardust,we are golden,we are billion year old carbon,and we've come to find our way back to the garden. Joni Mitchell "Woodstock"

from Hejira, available on CD (Elektra / Asylum)

  13 May 04 ·joe o: i was going to recommend this one. It really is beautiful.
"One Dimention"  performed by Simian  2001
Composed by Simian

Beatles, Beach Boys & Pink Floyd filtered through a modern sense of electronica.
Pure Ear-Candy!!!

from Chemistry is What We Are, available on CD (Astralwerks)

"Calloway"  performed by The High Llamas  2003
Composed by The High Llamas

Was already a fan of the LP "Gideon Gaye" with its lovely mix of Beach Boys meets Steely Dan production. Sean O'Hagen is a Genius. He's really outdone himself with this record! SUBLIME!

from Beet, Maize & Corn, available on CD (Drag City)

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