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I Think I Love You  performed by Partridge Family  1971

Perfect American family drive around America in psychedelic bus singing their wholesome songs.Look at their teeth shine.Shirley Jones,star of musicals such as Carousel,steers her flock to stardom.The harpsichord makes this song with Lurch from the Addams Family guesting.If only.Covered by Voice of the Beehive,if you want credibility.If you hear this song on the radio(you won't)you won't be able to resist singing along(you really won't).

The Town I Live In  performed by Jackie Lee  1966

Dramatic put down of boring towns,so good it influenced a book called Boring Towns nearly 40 years later."The town I live in has 27 churches"sings Jackie with atheistic venom.At least these days the churches will be empty or turned into flats.Bells clang,drums rumble and it all ends with Jackie so bored with her environment the song tails off with her singing "etc,etc,etc."She also did White Horses,so she deserves respect.

available on CD - Dream Babes Volume 1 (RPM)

space age lullaby  performed by jackie lee  1972
Composed by John Scott

ICI records present a promotional tune for Savlon Babycare.One for astronauts who are missing their newborns.Jackie Lee whispers to a sleeping infant as
an Hawaiian guitar gently guides sleeping child to distant imaginary galaxies,presumably peopled by grass-skirted aliens.More space commodity than Space Oddity,but all the more charming for that.

Prams  performed by Vital Disorders  1981
Composed by susan cox

We had a good time in the eighties,we really did.Unemployment,strikes,kids inculcated with the Thatcher mantra of making money which has depoliticized the youth of today.Fortunately the hypocrisy of Blair has encouraged a few students to tear themselves away from their business studies and take to the streets.Revolution revives art;it happened in the late 50's and 60's when teenagers rebelled against the staidness of post war England,
and again in the bleak mid 70's when youth rebelled against the poor prospects on offer.Fashion,music and literature are never healthier than when faced with intransigence.
In 1981 the post punk landscape was a glorious directionless quagmire.Record labels littered the nation,some only managing a few releases.Lowther International was home to the Vital Disorders who were angry but not too angry to write a great tune.
The Prams EP contains three slices of political pop,domestic and general.Prams is a scream of feminist outrage,of how women have their dreams ruptured,trapped by the drudgery of daily life,the omnipotent cry of the tyrannical baby squashing their ambitions.

"Lets talk about prams and washing machines,
Lets talk about the end of childhood dreams".

That is the chorus,sung with increasing vitriol as the song progresses,until you can almost feel the phlegm hit your face,as Tina Pilchards spits out those words one final time.Sizzling.

Last Night  performed by Vitamin C  2003
Composed by J.Casablancas

I used to be such a boy,but I have seen the terror of my ways.The Strokes have cornered a few hooks and terrorized them into submission,using them to tantalize testosterone top-heavy lads,making them dance like innocents caught in American/Iraqi crossfire;but I'm past that age where testosterone tampers with my thought processes.

Vitamin C,real name Colleen Fitzpatrick,ex-singer of Eve's Plum,has made Last Night,by blending it with Blondie's Heart of Glass,into the pop song it always wanted to be.Gone is the nasal whine of the original replaced by cool clear vocals that caress rather than puncture the ears.

On the 12" you get three versions.If you want a good dance work out you'll pick the A side.I favour track two,not so hurried I think it's slightly more reflective tenor illuminates where other versions obfuscate.

  08 Apr 04 ·gaymod: oh come on unathanthium, I iike your style, Last Nite, is a great song but it is a very obvious sub motown parody...and Dr. Feelgood- She Does It Right does it a milllion times better
  09 Apr 04 ·unathanthium: Sub motown,I love sub motown.Parody,I love that too.And if Dr.Feelgood do it better,congratulations to them.A million times better,though,hm,that's an awful lot of noughts.And I don't think we need a pub rock revival.

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