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To know him is to love him  performed by The Teddy Bears  1958
Composed by Phil Spector

This brilliant song was a number 1 hit in the United States in 1958. It was sold over 1 million times between the release date in oktober and Christmas. It was written by Phil Spector, who was the songwriter, guitarist and composer of The Teddy Bears. (The band`s name is based on the number 1 hit "Teddy Bear" by Elvis Presley)The inspiration for the songtext was the inscription of the grave of Phil Spector`s father, who commited suicide.

The arrangement of "To know him is to love him" is very light an pure, so that the sad and loving words come to the fore. The angle-like vocals sung by Annette Kleinbard create a heavenly ambience. To me "To know him is to love him" is one of the most affectionate and beautiful songs I`ve ever heard. Although the song is performed by many bands and singers(for example "The Chordettes") the version of The Teddy Bears is according to my taste the best of them all.

available on CD - Billboard Top Rock & Roll Hits (Rhino)

Send me some lovin`  performed by Little Richard  1957
Composed by John Marascalo, Lloyd Price

I�m not sure if this ballad comes from the good old times of rock-n-roll where Little Richard captured the censors attention because of shouting and leering at the audience while wearing make up or if it`s part of his "gospel era". (In 1957, in the midst of a sold-out tour, Richard quit rock-n-roll to become a preacher in the Seventh Day Adventist Church...) But one thing is for sure: his screaming distinctive voice together with the affirmative melody make this (first?) version of "Send me some lovin` memorable!

available on CD - Little Richard - The EP Collection (Seeformile)

  19 Oct 04 ·Arthur: The true King Of Rock And Roll and yes, the original version. It is from the fifties so it's pre Richards gospel era. Tracks like this show Richard as a main contender for the title of one of the the first Soul artistes. 'I'm Just a Lonely Guy'from the same period is equally great and check out his Vee Jay recording from 1965 'I Don't know What You Got (But It's Got Me)' for pure Soul ballad artistry.

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