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Without Her  performed by Preston Guild  196?
Recommended by Arthur [profile]

Preston [in fact there is no performer name on this 45 e.p. but this seems to be the label name so its as good as any ] and the band take a minimal take on this Nilsson song and give it a slightly Latin feel. And its Preston's delivery coupled with the organ that make this track essential. Unfortunately the other titles on the e.p. fall short of even interesting

from unknown (Preston Guild)

  05 Feb 03 ·konsu: One of his most covered songs at least in the pop canon.It seems like there's sooo many more versions to be found yet!I'd like to hear this one.Also check out the latinized brilliance of Blood, Sweat & Tears version from their"Child Is Father to the Man" LP. Maybe thats where these guys picked-up the style for their take...?
I Know You  performed by Angela & The Fans  1966
Recommended by jeanette [profile]

Think bouncy, 60's brit-girl classic. Makes me tingle all over with happiness. This was on the flip on a Man From UNCLE novelty, Love Ya Illya, and is actually by that queen of opulence Alma Cogan in disguise.

from the single I Know You (Pye 7N.17108)
available on CD - Here Come The Girls 6 (Sequel)

Miss Broadway  performed by Belle Epoque  1977
Recommended by jeanette [profile]

Belle Epoque (or La Belle Epoque as they were billed in the UK, presumably to further Francophy them) get shoved in that black hole of Eurodisco, based on the evidence of their perky 1977 cover of Black Is Black. Were I not a Eurodisco weirdo who is more than happy to delve into the careers of various sequin-chested nobodies I would never have learned the truth.

This song is as glam-rock as they come. The sound of Miss Broadway is that of a female Noddy Holder, complete with that talking-over-a-hairdryer voice. The orchestration is crunching and stomps all over the disco beat holding it all together.

In short: Silver Convention's older sisters who secretly like Wanda Jackson.

from the single Miss Broadway (Carrere S-54021)

  19 Jul 04 ·umbrellasfollowrain: This song fast became the song of my summer nights. I play it to preen to in front of the mirror, before I step out for the night, then hum it as I my feet step out the door and into the night and the streets unspool before me. See, how lyrical the song makes me?! Belle Epoque is ferocious. Jeanette, I think you're so cool. Thanks for bringing dis track to my attention. You always have my attention.
It�s As Easy As 1-2-3  performed by Jil Gibson  196?
Recommended by jeanette [profile]


As a 60's girl group collector who's been at it for a number of years, I'm always delighted when some compiler somewhere turns up an absolute gem. As this is from the sleevenotes-shy semi-legal Marginal records, I had to find out on my own that this is infact Jill (with bonus "l") Gibson, Jan-of-Jan-and-Dean's girlfriend and rock photographer. Jan and Dean also recorded this song.

Very quiet vocals in contrast to a lot of 60's girl groups - almost a little Margo Guryan in there if it weren't for the stomping in the background. No info at all on the production. If anyone can fill me in, I'd love to hear it.

from Back To The Girl Zone (Marginal MAR 103), available on CD

Lay It On Me  performed by Heatwave  1976
Recommended by ambassador [profile]

Heatwave's first two albums can almost be seen as prototypes for Michael Jackson's breakthrough album "Off the Wall." With Rod Temperton, future Quincy Jones and MJ collaborator, driving this album the sound is both funky and catchy, sophisticated and accessible. "Lay It On Me" is an overlooked album track that bubbles and gurgles under the surface of the groove until the chorus arrives with strings soaring for the ectasy of Johnnie Wilder's sweet vocals, "lay it on me, lay your sweet love on me!" Beautifully arranged and excellently executed and just one of many classics of their debut album.

from Too Hot to Handle (Epic 34761), available on CD

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