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Red Sleeping Beauty  performed by McCarthy  1986
Recommended by delicado [profile]

Another of my favorite indie tracks in my youth. Can I say 'indie' anymore? Ten years ago the term had meaning, but I get the impression this has faded. I'm talking about bands who recorded for small independent labels, obviously. Anyway, I have a special fondness for McCarthy, since they played at the first live show I ever attended. It was on March 3rd 1990 at the Bowen West Theatre in Bedford, England. Were you there? I know at least one member of this site was (how's it going, Phil?).

Anyway, this is another superbly evocative track for me, with layers of nicely picked guitars, and some intense drumming. The vocals are heartfelt in a way that unkind people might call 'weedy'; I think they're brilliant, needless to say. McCarthy were a superb indie band with jangly Wedding Present-style guitars and a political edge. Tim Gane later went on to form Stereolab, who I also like a lot, but in a very different way.

from the single Red Sleeping Beauty (Pink Label PINKY 12)
available on CD - That's All Very Well But (Cherry Red)

The Popular Girl  performed by Martin Newell  1993
Recommended by john_l [profile]

Martin Newell has been writing '60s-influenced jangly pop gems for decades, and this is maybe the best example. It's a mid-tempo affair with a good beat and ringing guitars sounding like the Beatles' "Rain". Other faves: "Goodbye Dreaming Fields" and "She Rings the Changes". The CD is a compilation of his work, and includes a number of tracks by his '80s band the Cleaners From Venus, notably the protest classic "Living With Victoria Grey".

available on CD - The Wayward Genius of Martin Newell (Cherry Red)

Cecil Beaton´┐Żs Scrapbook  performed by Would Be Goods  1985
Recommended by andyjl [profile]

The finest moment of a legendary 80s UK indie label which fused a post-punk spirit with the best elements of 60s pop style - bossa nova, light psychedelia, girl groups. And pre-empted the lounge/easy listening revival by about 10 years. The Would Be-Goods were two sisters, Jessica and Miranda, who couldn´┐Żt sing and did so beautifully. The ´┐Żl catalogue is being re-issued on CD by Cherry Red Records. Well worth checking out.

from The Camera Loves Me (´┐Żl), available on CD (Cherry Red)

Go All The Way  performed by Raspberries
Recommended by Celainn [profile]

available on CD - The Very Best of the Raspberries: Overnight Sensation (Cherry Red)

Primitive Painters  performed by Felt  1985
Recommended by adenning [profile]

available on CD - Absolute Classic Masterpieces (Cherry Red)

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