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The Day You Take One, You Have to Take the Other  performed by The Marvelettes  1967
Recommended by tinks [profile]

Classic uptempo Motown girl sound! Fits the Berry Gordy formula so perfectly that it should have been a huge hit. Features a terrific bubbling bassline and mesmerizing finger snaps!

from The Marvelettes (Tamla)

  19 Apr 01 ·scrubbles: Ooooh, I dig this song - gotta love those Smokey Robinson lyrics! "A little bad comes along with every good/You've got to take the bitter with the sweet."
  07 Dec 05 ·Swinging London: Reminds me of 'Don't Mess With Bill'. Quite an old fashioned sound for 1967...The Marvelettes didn't seem to really keep up with the times. Good though.
Footprints on the Moon  performed by Francis Lai  1973
Recommended by delicado [profile]

An incredibly perfect easy listening piece, this opens with an other-worldly, John-Barry-ish synth sound, and then leads into a groovy, lightly funky piano riff, with shimmering strings. Francis Lai's signature organ sound carries the tune as the song builds into a dramatic orchestral pop masterpiece. A standout track, with superb wistful, lazy, summer day feel, rather like some of the best tracks on the 'Sound Gallery' compilation of a few years ago.

from Plays the compositions of... (UA UA-LA095-F)

  14 Jun 01 ·scrubbles: Yow! That sound snippet alone is so cool.
  26 May 02 ·AndreasNystrom: I finally got the version by Francis Lai, and i think its better then Johnny Harris one. Splendid song!. I love the ending part of it.. cant get that part out of my head :)
  13 Apr 04 ·standish: I'd have to go for the Johnny Harris original over the Francis Lai version. It's colder and spookier with less obtrusive strings. "Movements" is available on CD (great sleeve - his expression suggests a combined photo shoot/visit to his proctologist) - but the mono single version (w/"Lulu's Theme") is all you need.
  02 Nov 05 ·leonthedog: Well, thanks to all of you I had to track down BOTH versions! Amazing what a difference an arrangement makes. I agree with scrubbles: the clip of Lai's version is the most infectious thing around!
love's gone bad  performed by chris clark/the underdogs  196?
Recommended by shaka_klaus [profile]

a soul nugget from white mama chris clark. however this song did not hit as hard as expected so the boys in the underdogs recorded it too and released it (on the same label!) a few weeks later. i don't understand why it didn't make the charts because it's a great song.

  21 Feb 02 ·scrubbles: Oh, man, I agree. This song ROCKS. Holland-Dozier-Holland must have had major issues with Motown when they wrote this, it's overflowing with grit and pissed-offiness. I would give a slight edge to Chris Clark's version, the lyrics somehow seem more credible coming from a Dusty Springfield soundalike than a Paul Revere and the Raiders soundalike.
Im 80 Stockwerk  performed by Hildegard Knef  1970
Recommended by delicado [profile]

A stunning piece of pop, one of a few great and really hip sounding tracks Hildegard Knef recorded around this time. This sounds like a Bacharach song made even cooler, stripped down to its essentials. Knef�s smoky, detached vocals add to the effect to make this a real winner.

from Knef (Decca)
available on CD - Get Easy vol 4 (Motor music)

  27 Mar 02 ·scrubbles: I've been digging this one a lot lately and even put it on my latest mix disc. Way funky - imagine what an enterprising drag queen could do with this!
  26 May 02 ·AndreasNystrom: Yes, very good song. Love it as well as her other song "dieser herren..."
  08 Apr 03 ·heimwehblues: A new version of this song was produced in 2001, CD "17 Millimeter", it's a marvellous modern song...
Our Day Will Come  performed by Roger Nichols Trio  1966
Recommended by masayo [profile]

This is a cover song of a famous tune by Ruby & the Romantics but it's a totally different type of music from the original. Its orchestration and chorus are outstanding and dreamy. Though Roger Nichols is famous now among Japanese pops fan, I don't think many people know him outside Japan. So I want more people to know his tremendous works!!

from only single(A&M 801) (A&M)
available on CD - The Complete Roger Nichols & The Small Circle of Friends (POCM-2 (A&M)

  29 May 02 ·scrubbles: You're right, this is an excellent arrangement of this song. Where the original was yearning and romantic, this one is bright and perky. A gem!
  10 Feb 03 ·konsu: Yeah! Also check out the Chris Montez version with the same kind of "perky" quality!
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