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Actual Proof  performed by Herbie Hancock  1974
Recommended by 4StringSweetness [profile]

9 min., 40 sec.- Improvised!!! Herbie came up with basic riff, followed by brilliant improvisation by Bennie Maupin on Saxes and Bill Summers Percussion, Bassist Paul Jackson and Drummer Mike Clark. They only recorded one take! This song is at first very difficult to pick apart, but once you focus on any one instrument you will have a new perscective on the talent of these virtuoso players. Pure genious.

from Thrust (Columbia CK 64984), available on CD (Columbia / Legacy)

Sly  performed by Herbie Hancock  1974
Recommended by charlesives [profile]

This 1974, 12-minute electric-jazz masterpiece starts with an attractively sexy, slinky soprano melody and sneakily mutates into blistering solo sections played at a blinding tempo. Recorded before the word "fusion" became a tag for a tired genre this track comes from the seminal album, Headhunters. If you have ears for Hancock's cool Fender-Rhodes shadings and the Headhunter's blazing rhythmic kinetics this could be the very strongest music of this period. Harvey Mason drums brilliantly, forging new rhythms that are peculiarly unique to this recording. I don't know where he comes up with this shit; brilliantly inventive, his energy is unflagging set amidst ascending levels of white hot, mercurial tempo. Paul Jackson plays electric bass with concentrate funk phrasing, his coolly repeated ostinato line is a satisfying compliment to the hyperactivity of the chattering drums and clavinet. The track builds and as it sheds its skins each level is slightly more intense. This is a great record, ignore all the amateur web critics and get this track now!
Note: Many people seem to prefer the sequel album THRUST with the decent Mike Clark on drums. I wish it was as good or better than HEADHUNTERS but it is not.

from Headhunters (Columbia refer to, available on CD

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