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Dem No Worry We  performed by Super Cat  1991
Recommended by lionson76 [profile]

Arguably one of the best reggae albums of all time, Super Cat's Don Dada is a fun, FUN, "get on de dance flo', mon!" fiasco of bass and high hats. Super Cat's soft and clear voice complements the music where some other rastas and their gritty voice would detract from it. You really can't lose with this album; every track is spectacular and irresistable. If you've never listened to reggae or just could never get into it, you might be able to appreciate Super Cat.

from Don Dada (Columbia), available on CD

Move Over Darling  performed by Doris Day  1964
Recommended by scrubbles [profile]

I always love it when older performers "try out" younger, more popular musical forms. In this case we have Doris Day's attempt at Brill Building Pop, the title track for one of her movies. Has she ever sounded sexier?

available on CD - Golden Girl: The Columbia Recordings 1944-1966 (Sony/Columbia)

Distant Shores  performed by Chad and Jeremy  1966
Recommended by delicado [profile]

A beautiful piece of soft pop. Ok, it's corny - the chord sequence is kind of soppy and the lyrics are kind of obvious, but the arrangement and singing are so lovely that I can listen to this song again and again. Opening with a catchy picked acoustic guitar riff, the arrangement soon thickens with with a full orchestra. The singing is deadly serious and amusingly precious throughout the song, and the orchestral arrangement, heavy on oboes and flutes as well as strings, is anything but hip. Still, the song’s simplicity and innocence are really quite charming. I never really got into any of Chad and Jeremy's other songs nearly so much as this one, so any recommendations for similar songs would be welcome. Do me a favor and listen to this and tell me if I’m crazy to love it so much.

from Distant Shores (Columbia), available on CD (Sundazed)

  03 Aug 01 ·tempted: Oh yes, it is pure gold. I can recommend anything by The Left Banke, Scott Walker, Margo Guryan, New Colony Six, Sagittarius, The Millennium... Gary Usher from the last two mentioned was the producer on many of C & J's songs.
Sweet Talkin' Woman  performed by Electric Light Orchestra  1977
Recommended by scrubbles [profile]

Try to remove this from all the boring "classic rock" trappings its acquired over the years. Appreciate what a fascinatingly strange combination of overheated pop, symphonic grandeur, and rock-ish muscle this is. So 1977, yet so timeless. Thank you.

from Out of the Blue, available on CD (Columbia)

Gimme that Wine  performed by Lambert, Hendricks & Ross  1959
Recommended by tinks [profile]

"I can't cut loose without my juice!" Dave, Jon & Annie get their priorities straight.

from The Hottest New Group in Jazz, available on CD (Columbia)

  08 Apr 03 ·singjohn: An LA-based acapella group called "Sixth Wave" has an interesting version of this song. A sample of it can be found here: Love LHR! The Manhattan Transfer borrowed quite a bit from them!
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